French presidential election approaching Yingfajialai Hong Kong border rising new network –

16 Apr

French presidential election approaching Yingfajialai Hong Kong border rising Beijing – Beijing in November 15, according to foreign media reports, a French presidential candidate Juppe political cronies Emilie Durand said the referendum in Britain decided to withdraw from the EU after the new term of the French government "will be" closed in the Calais British Border checkpoint. Juppe is believed to be the most vocal presidential candidate. France also said Emilie Durand, do not want to bear the attempt to illegally cross the English channel but the negative pressure was arrested in France the immigrants bring to the French government "". He said the change would be a "not so comfortable" consequence of the decision to withdraw from the eu". The British government is still hoping to set up checkpoints in Calais in France continues to run. Emilie Durand is currently a member of the French right deviation in party "Republic European Parliament", and is now the French presidential candidate Juppe’s campaign spokesman. It is reported that Britain and France signed the "Letoke treaty" in 2003 after the establishment of the British border checkpoint Calais in france. But Juppe has been calling for Emilie Durand stressed that the closure of the British checkpoint. He said: "this will be the result of the United Kingdom to Europe, not punishment. This is a result of the British uncomfortable." Although Juppe had mentioned the removal of Calais border checkpoints in the statement, but the British government still hopes Letoke can continue to execute "treaty". The treaty allows the two countries to set up border checkpoints in the English channel. The treaty is a bilateral treaty signed between Britain and France, not an EU treaty. If there is no treaty, the United Kingdom can only be found after the arrival of the vehicle and the British border.相关的主题文章: