Four eight arm diamond DORO Bodhisattva huangshexiaoshuo

18 Nov

Four eight arm diamond DORO Bodhisattva surrounded by eight arm diamond Bodhisattva Tara DORO name "save Holy Mother Buddha", usually called "Green Tara", as the embodiment of the bodhisattva. Tara surrounded by eight arm, wearing a tall crown, plump face, long eyebrow tall, bright smile URNA. About the main arm has been lost, the remaining about three arm holding instruments. The upper body bare chest, decorative Collar Necklace, earring, bracelet, wear a bracelet and other jewelry waist arm solemn body. Wearing a fitted dress skirt thin, chisel carved with exquisite patterns, exquisite workmanship, elegant look. The upper part of the body is three branch type full lotus sitting on the rosette. The top screen dedicated aksobhya Buddha seated on both sides of the edge of the three carved our main statue seated around on both sides and the rosette rosette and each has a female seated, a total of ten respects, constitute one of the forms of diamond and the main statue of DORO mandala. The image in high relief carving techniques, the main statue near the round. The whole statue body proportion, elegant, graceful, plump skin smooth and elastic, reflects the statues of India superb realistic skills, is one of the most exquisite masterpiece statues in India.相关的主题文章: