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17 Apr

Foshan two child Ying small peak hard to find a bed to sleep for delivery room corridor maternal original title: Foshan "two child birth into a small peak, part of the hospital obstetric emergency. One is hard to find the delivery room every day" full "Nanfang Daily at 6 in the morning, daybreak, Ms. Lee has arrived early at 38 weeks of pregnancy Nanhai District People’s hospital gynecology clinic, waiting for the birth, but until 4 pm, she completed the ultrasound and fetal monitoring check two. "Too many people, I’m not too early." Such as Ms. Lee, long time waiting is not alone in obstetrics. Since last October 29th, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee officially announced the full implementation of resolution, a couple can have two children policy so far, Foshan city hospital internal ushered in a small peak fertility two child. Among them, the number of outpatient department from June to September pregnant women filing the first people’s Hospital of Foshan reached 2133, up 130.8% over the same period in 2015. Foshan maternity and child health care hospital from January to September, the amount of outpatient services increased by 32%, the amount of delivery increased by 13%. The status of obstetric beds are in short supply "telephone numbers every time, ten seconds to display full number." The first people’s Hospital of Foshan, just after the birth of a mother told the author, prior to the appointment of each seizure she must be two weeks ahead of time, six o’clock in the morning to grab the number. Because of the excessive number of people, and now need to make an appointment one month in advance ultrasound, four-dimensional B ultrasound needs two months in advance." The nurse Tan Huixing said the first people’s Hospital of Foshan city. "Every one of us is working overtime." Foshan first people’s Hospital, said Chen Rufang, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, before the obstetrician every morning about 30 numbers, and now about to see the number of 40 to 50. "We often see from eight in the morning to see two in the afternoon, we basically did not rest at noon, and then immediately after the afternoon work." Chen Rufang said. It is understood that some hospitals in Foshan obstetric medical staff overtime phenomenon is more common. Compared to check one hard to find, the maternity ward can be used to describe the "full". I visited a number of hospitals in the City maternity ward found that a number of hospital beds in the ward of the maternity ward in the corridor. Chen Rufang said that the hospital actually opened only 88 beds in obstetrics, and most of the day there are more than 125 pregnant women, more than half. "Now a bed to be two," Nanhai District People’s Hospital of Ye Yanzhen, deputy director of Obstetrics said, "24 hours after birth, cesarean section postpartum 72 hours without exception will be discharged, so as to accelerate the turnover of beds to make room for pregnant women is still in bed." Ye Yanzhen said that the people’s Hospital of Nanhai District, a total of 36 open beds, but only in October 26th on the same day in the admission of 48 pregnant women. After the birth of 46 beds, most of the time a day into the 70. Some women who have no beds can be admitted directly to the delivery room after admission." Ye Yanzhen said helplessly. In January 1st this year, the two child policy fully liberalized, the country appeared on "the second hot" phenomenon. "After nearly 10 months of gestation, many early prepare pregnant second child women have entered the pre production period. One相关的主题文章: