Former British Prime Minister Blair should not rule out the second referendum held in Europe-masa-c

16 Apr

Former British Prime Minister Blair: should not rule out held second times in his new agency of the European referendum in London in October 28 Xinhua (reporter Zhou Zhao Jun) former British Prime Minister Blair 28, said that Britain should leave the EU affairs to hold an open attitude, should not be excluded from the EU is held second times a referendum. "The odd thing about this referendum is that we’ve made a choice, but we can’t know the specific conditions." Blair accepted the day of Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) said in an interview, from Europe to the United Kingdom is a "disaster", if you can clearly see from Europe after the British and European Union can not reach a good agreement, it may change the original decision. Therefore, it is necessary to hold a referendum, or to allow people to express their views through parliamentary elections. Blair said the negotiations between Britain and the EU will be very difficult, the EU politicians in the negotiations will not be sympathetic to britain. If the UK does not accept the principle of free movement of EU citizens, it will be difficult for Britain to enter the European single market, which will bring great negative impact on the lives of the british. For Blair’s remarks, the spokesman said the British Prime Minister, the British government’s position is very clear, will not hold a second referendum, the United Kingdom has been determined to be separated from the eu. Members of the conservative party, the British Parliament and the European Affairs Committee Caulfield said, in the Blair reign would violate their commitments, resulting in uncontrolled EU immigration into Britain, and now openly challenge the British people have made the decision to withdraw from the eu. The Labour Party should focus on helping Britain achieve its success, rather than trying to block the will of the people. British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei had repeatedly said that the United Kingdom can not hold a second referendum, it will not attempt to re join the EU through other means. The Conservative Party announced that the annual meeting held in her earlier this month, the British government will start in March next year at the latest at the end of the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth, formally submitted to the EU to exit the application. (end)相关的主题文章: