Foreign media exposure of a number of food and beverage companies suspected of abuse of antibiotics soulseek

17 Nov

Foreign media exposed a number of food companies suspected of abuse of antibiotics in the list of Starbucks Sohu Finance recently, foreign media reports, a report released by a number of agencies disclosed more than and 20 well-known fast-food chain enterprises to use antibiotics, including Starbucks, Burger King, DQ ice queen are all ranked the lowest F level. All in the F at the bottom of the enterprise, must not because there is no disclosure of meat and poultry supply chain antibiotic use policy, or policy but not for implementation. Because of strict management, there has been some progress in banning the use of antibiotics in chicken feeding, but beef and pork are still very serious. From fried chicken to Hamburg to milk, most fast food supply of meat and milk from the animal feeding equipment industrialization, and these enterprises often use antibiotics to prevent spread easily in crowded, unsanitary conditions of the disease. The abuse of antibiotic resistant bacteria resistant bacteria each year caused 700 thousand people were killed each year claimed 700 thousand lives, if we do not restrict the use of antibiotics by 2050, this number will reach 1 million people every year, at that time, the "super bacteria" frequently, no drug use will become a reality. The report of the disclosure of the fast food industry is the biggest problem, is that most enterprises still allow suppliers, in the absence of a sick animal in regular use of antibiotics in humans is no longer valid for antibiotics, increase the cost of health care and health risk, also caused a serious threat to life. Chinese an annual consumption of 160 thousand tons of antibiotics in aquaculture serious abuse of some time ago, Chinese published the first list, the use and emission of antibiotics showed that 2013 China total use of 162 thousand tons of antibiotics, agricultural breeding antibiotics accounted for 52%, the abuse of antibiotic resistance caused more and more serious. The use of antibiotics in aquaculture is ultimately to be human to eat into the stomach, and once into the human body will trigger the body’s allergic and toxic effect, and is not easy to detect drug resistance gene transfer to pathogens, will cause infection, and even the outbreak of infectious diseases. Worrying China market because of the abuse of antibiotics, the United States has a number of consumer groups to submit petitions to the fast food industry, to stop using antibiotics containing meat and milk, many fast-food restaurants have promised to stop antibiotics. McDonald’s announced the beginning of 2017, the U.S. market will purchase does not apply antibiotics in chicken; Subway also announced the beginning of this year in the United States restaurant supply without antibiotic chicken; rod John also announced to stop the sale of antibiotics containing chicken before the summer. But these in the Chinese market has not been any action! These foreign fast food in the Chinese market has not done the relevant statement, which led to the domestic and foreign fast food two sets of standards. China should also introduce the non use of antibiotics, and must be implemented as soon as possible. Fast food, especially fast food abuse of antibiotics in the international been much ahead of the domestic market with vigour and vitality, but the road is still very long, we first do is to protect yourself, try not to buy these fast food!相关的主题文章: