Forecast period a case of lottery 3d16244 decimal warmer – Sohu

17 Nov

Forecast period: a lottery 3D16244 anti – Sohu 3D 2016243rd decimal pick up lottery lottery number 446, and the value fell to 14 points, down to 2 point span. 2016244 3D test machine before prediction analysis: 100: 100 number 4 out of 100, the recent number of amplitude of 5-5-4-1-1, 1 in three after the amplitude of continuous hot open, the next stage 2 amplitude can be used to focus on the object. Ten Views: ten on the issue number 4, according to the analysis of the 30 phase of the recent trend, 244 ten or 2 0 due account number. A: the number 6 position, according to the characteristics of the distribution of the number of nearly a week, this period should beware of small numerical warming covering. Even recently three consecutive numbers did not seize the prize the opportunity, from the analysis of nearly 30 award number trend, the next 244 please don’t give up on even the track. Size distribution: the last issue of the number of 1:2 by the size of the proportion of the size of the recent number of balls out of a certain law, the current situation is expected to be more than a few decimal continuation.相关的主题文章: