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14 Jun

UnCategorized Nobody can say that Florida golf schools don’t deliver. With that great climate and all these fantastic golf courses how could they fail? Nor can anybody claim that they can’t do with a bit of golf coaching. Everybody could do with getting the once-over on their swing or some schooling on their putting technique. In Florida the golf .es with the vacation, and it’s exactly the right state if you want to, or even if you have to, take your family along with you and .bine your golf schooling with their vacation. There’s little that Florida doesn’t have for the kids, the shopping is out of this world and there a whole bunch of famous golf schools to choose form. What more could you want? Video Cameras Detect Problems With Your Swing Golf schools in Florida have all the technical equipment needed for the highest quality golf instruction. High speed video cameras, laser alignment equipment and top class professional coaches. These schools are dedicated to the work they do in improving the golf of players of all standards, from tour professionals to rank beginners, and they are equipped to carry it out to the very highest standards. Schools like the highly regarded Advantage Golf Schools at Orlando, St. Petersburg and World Golf Village at St. Augustine that offer one to one coaching, or the Ben Sutton Golf School at Sun City. There are lots more for you choose from and it is practically impossible to re.mend any one over another, because they are all good. Don’t Forget the Family When You Book Your Golf School How is your swing incidentally? Are you happy with it? Do you need a few extra yards, or have you been slicing more frequently that usual? Are the wife and kids nagging you for a vacation? In fact, have you decided where your annual vacation is going to be this year? What’s wrong with Orlando? Great for the children, with Disney World close by and great for the wife with all that shopping. Perhaps you are the wife, or prefer to stay single and are looking for a vacation on your own. In that case take yourself off and .bine some of the best shopping in the world with some of the best golf instruction in the world. Apart from Orlando, you’ve got some great golf resorts on the Gulf, or on Tampa Bay. Or go down south to Miami. There are excellent golf schools around Miami, such as the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral. You can hardly go wrong with Florida because there is so much to see and so much to do that you will never be bored. After your golf instruction there is great sightseeing and some excellent restaurants with fresh seafood or marvellous steaks. There’s enough in Florida for you to return year after year without seeing everything. Check the Facilities the Golf Academies Offer Why not make note of the features you would like to see in your ideal golf school, then another list of what you would like to do during your ideal summer vacation. Then get on the inter. and check out the range of golf academies available near the resort that best meets your vacation needs. Ring round a few and check out the facilities they offer, then choose the one that gives the best deal and meets most of the items on your list. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: