Floods and landslides in West Java, Indonesia, have killed 30 people and left 22 missing-reshacker

16 Apr

In Indonesia, flash floods and landslides have caused 30 people were killed and 22 people missing – Beijing, China News Agency, Jakarta in September 24, Indonesia Bandung office search and rescue officials Joshua said 24 days before the date of occurrence of West Java province, floods and landslides have caused 30 people were killed and 22 people missing. The 24 day Antara news agency quoted Joshua as saying that so far the rescue team has found 30 bodies of the victims, 22 people are still missing. The Indonesian West Java District Public Relations Director Yousry said, the county law in the province 20 consecutive teeth down 4 hour downpour, resulting in 6 townships of the county to produce floods, mudslides and landslides, including 6 towns, Pakistan, Brazil Yongpeng teeth law Erwang instrument, Sha Ma Lang, especially Rosmi and WAN Gong Tarot mudslides and landslides, thousands of houses were affected, the hospital and the local police bureau by the flood inundation. After disasters, Indonesian President Djoko ordered the Ministry of social affairs and the Ministry of health to take immediate measures to deal with the losses caused by floods and landslides, rescue and disaster rescue departments in Indonesia, has now evacuated more than 1000 people in disaster areas. (end)相关的主题文章: