Five Steps To Buying

14 Jun

UnCategorized The best electronics retailers, according to research, are Web sites. Here are five good reasons to consider when buying consumer electronics on the internet. 1.Buy online Readers who bought on the web scored their overall satisfaction between 90 and 100. It is higher than for those who bought in a store. But according to surveys, only 20% buy online. People may not want to buy online may be due in part to worries about the cost of shipping, item weight or damage. But many Web sites offer free shipping, so you don’t have to struggle to fit a big carton in your car or pay for shipping. 2. Watch add-ons Retailers may want to sell pricey accessories such as premium video cables or high-speed memory cards. Choose the standard accessories. Those fancy versions can cost twice or more as much as standard items but aren’t likely to give you much performance benefit. 3. Don’t get an extended warranty It appears that consumers will be buying fewer warranties this year to extend coverage because of the reliability of electronics. Repair histories confirm that repair rates are low, and some brands have a worse record than others. But the bill for the repair is often the same cost as an extended warranty. Watch out for Best Buys Premium Black Tie plans, which add extras such as tech support, free online backup and a digital-camera plan. You’d be better off buying those extras, as you need them. By using certain credit cards, like American Express cards and some gold and platinum cards, you can double the manufacturer’s warranty at no cost. Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty on TVs and .puters for two years for free. 4. Consider refurbished and open-box items It is worth buying a refurbished item if you can save 30 percent over buying new. Pre-owned items are items that have been returned and supposedly fixed to good-as-new by the manufacturer, then resold by the manufacturer. To minimize the risks, buy from a manufacturer or retailer that you know is reliable. 5. The best prices .e early in the season We’ve generally found that the lowest prices of the holiday season on flat-panel TVs and more have been offered on Black Friday and the other frantic shopping days after Thanksgiving. If you do shop early for an item and the price drops later, look to see if the retailer offers a price guarantee that gets you a price difference refund. Lots of big retailers offer price guarantees. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: