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15 Apr

"Fight" show "Impressionist" painting God Qi Soul Artists – Sohu Wang Kai entertainment comedy Sohu   soul paintings; entertainment news from the Jiangsu TV to create "we fight" tonight will be broadcast on the Eleventh 22:00. This period in Xiamen will open a new combat tour, the men of God who return to the campus experience "Eighteen again" feeling, the outdoor art class Qi soul artist, Wang Kai joked that no one can understand Wang Jiaer’s works, paintings and even dubbed the "Picasso passers-by" style; music class large male gods make the classroom roles lead people to imitate each other joke, Jing Bairan and Bai Jingting learning Taiwanese second "crow call", Jam Hsiao and Wang Jiaer formed the "Tang GA Seoul", "Diudiu copper deductive romance version". "The first class of Impressionist paintings and self styled Soul Artists Wang Kai stumped male gods to return to the campus is an outdoor art class of high difficulty, in order to get the tree hanging on the drawing board, they are used with a" crutch "to exhaust all the skills, hard to move forward. However, when everyone on a few meters high "padfoot" slowly, Jam Hsiao opened the "fly over the walls" skills easily climbed up the tree, Bai Jingting height advantage also got the sketchpad stepping pad. Get the sketchpad men of God who have opened the mode of creation, while Wang Kai joked "painting is really the ugly side of laughter, how exactly is the soul of painting let him have laughter? Fast finished Wang Jiaer took the painting to the students guess, evaluation in return for a "this is Picasso", they have said cannot read, what people will recognize Wang Jiaer’s Impressionist paintings? Hilarious interpretation of Minnan song "Tang GA Seoul" adapted "Diudiu" Romance version of copper had self flying male gods, second in the music lesson is "big trouble" classroom, self introduction also began to take the unusual way, swap the role of imitate each other "special" self introduction caused the audience to laugh. Learn from the Taiwanese songs male gods of the class, more restless, Jing Bairan and the Taiwanese Bai Jingting interpreted as "crow call", also raised a variety of snitch, Wang Jiaer also wrote a small note to girls pass "love letter", a variety of moves are not men of God who let the teacher cry. The music class was selected as the representative of the Wang Jiaer show not only the opening B-box, behind also played the piano, soulful interpretation of "Diudiu" version of copper; and as the golden singer Jam Hsiao and Wang Jiaer "also not resigned to playing second fiddle, GA Seoul Teng" combination, together on the stage singing up, ushered in the scene applause. Please look forward to tonight’s 22:00 Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast, we fight it, look at the men who show the soul of God paintings, watching them make classroom show song.相关的主题文章: