Fan Changlong investigation Xinjiang, Tibet border defense forces resolutely safeguard the security -douke

16 Apr

Fan Changlong research Xinjiang Tibet border: resolutely safeguard the western border security and stability – Beijing, the original title of Fan Changlong in Xinjiang, Tibet border survey: resolutely safeguard the security and stability in the western border, vice president of new Beijing on 26 August, the Central Military Commission Fan Changlong recently in Xinjiang, Tibet border survey. He stressed the need to comprehensively strengthen the construction and reform of border forces, and constantly improve the ability to fulfill mission tasks, and resolutely safeguard the security and stability of the western border. During the investigation, Fan Changlong go to Hotan, Ali, Shigatse border line, understand the life force of combat readiness and soldiers, encouraged everyone to relay heritage spirit, the spirit of the old Tibet, the fine tradition of a good post, keep a lookout for the motherland and the people; the troops abide by ethnic and religious policies, strengthen military and civilian unity, concerted efforts defend the motherland border. Fan Changlong stressed that the border is very important and glorious mission, responsibility, should focus on the goal of strengthening the military construction company, push forward the reform of the army, army political and military law, strengthen the training to prepare, determined to complete the patrol duty and combat readiness training and other tasks. To focus on politics and the overall situation to do border work, strict implementation of border control policies and regulations, and actively handle all kinds of security situation, and resolutely safeguard territorial sovereignty and border stability. To thoroughly understand the reform of military strategic thinking, and guide the officers and men to support reform, support reform, join in the reform. To adhere to the law forces strictly, we implement the rules and regulations, strengthen the management of forces, strengthen discipline construction, maintain their regular order. Fan Changlong pointed out that to focus on the consolidation of frontier and border areas to strengthen border work readiness, long period of stability, training, and living facilities, improve the living conditions of officers and soldiers of material culture. At all levels should care for frontline soldiers, the warm in my heart, positive for the border to do practical things, good things, problem-solving things, to ensure that the frontier forces politically firm, stable and all-round. (end)相关的主题文章: