Experts teach you to communicate with your baby tips ppbox

18 Nov

Experts teach you how to communicate with your baby [Abstract] live with your child every day, but you may not know the right way to speak to your child. Experts remind that, with friendly words more conducive to communication between parents. 1, parents pay attention to the child’s reaction and attitude. Modern parents because of busy work, in talking with their children, often anxious to express their views and instructions, expect children to do as their own words, it is best not to have opinions. Therefore, often do not carefully listen to the child’s words, and the children feel difficult to communicate with their parents, the generation gap is bound to become more and more deep. Therefore, parents and children to speak when the patient is very important, not only to listen to the child’s story, but also to understand the wishes expressed by the child. 2, parents pay attention to the feelings of children. If the child was wronged outside, or separated from a good friend or beloved pet, the child’s delicate little heart will be sad for a long time. This is the need for parents to care, but if parents just told him "never mind, a strong point", "it is not what good sad" and other words, it will let the children feel their parents a bit cannot understand his feelings, if parents to change it, for example: "you sorry? If I were you will feel this way." I believe that children will be able to hear such a different performance. 3, parents should be aware of the child’s development. Parents should know how much they understand, if their parents do not understand what the children say, or put forward some children can not meet the requirements. This not only allows the child to feel hard, pressure, parent-child dialogue is bound to be difficult to get on the line, it is easy to form poor communication between the two sides have a generation gap. If you don’t know the right way to talk to your children every day. Experts remind that, with friendly words more conducive to communication between parents. 4, pay attention to the child’s way of answering questions. When a child asks a question, he should first understand its true meaning and answer the child’s needs. For example, the child asked: "Mom, do you want to buy food?" The real meaning of the question is, "Mom, I want to go shopping with you." If you know the real purpose of a child, you can say, "yes."! Would you like to go with me?" Children will be very happy to hear, because this is the child’s wish. 5, parents talk to their children to avoid the negative meaning of the tone of speech. The so-called negative, such as parents do not use "I command you……" "I warn you……" You better hurry……" Limit you in five seconds……" I count to one or two, three…… Otherwise……" "You should……" "You fool," and "Hello ring" and "you let me down", "no……" So with the command, command, warning, threat, blame, abuse, denial and negative meaning to speak. And to say more, the child is more indifferent attitude, so parents say something like that would not make any sense, but also let the child feel disgusted. 6, in the topic of communication with the child, you can often change the fresh content. Often changing the topic of fresh will cause the child’s interest, such as: "you guess today.相关的主题文章: