Experts say transport 20 performance is comprehensive, IL 76 can be converted to a variety of specia-reshacker

05 Jun

Experts said that the 20 performance of the comprehensive, super IL 76 can be converted to a variety of special warfare platform transport 20 transport aircraft recently, online exposure of the latest flight test chart of fifth -20 transport aircraft. As a new generation of heavy military transport aircraft independently developed by China, the research and development of -20 transport has attracted much attention. Military expert Chen Hong in an interview with the people’s Daily reporter said, with a large transport aircraft, our army can in the shortest possible time, personnel and equipment to maneuver to the mission area, which plays an invaluable role in consolidating national defense, safeguarding the airspace, territorial rights and interests. Online photos show that the flight -20 number is 789, it is reported that the aircraft is fifth shipped 20 prototype. In January this year, there were two -20 new aircraft exposure. -20 code named "roc" fans nickname "Panniu", is China’s independent research and development of a new generation of heavy military transport. Three years ago, 20 successful flights, marking China as the United States, Russia and Ukraine, the world’s fourth countries to develop two hundred tons of large military transport aircraft countries. This is not only a concentrated reflection of the progress of China’s national defense industry, but also an important milestone in China’s industrial and military modernization. About the transport properties, -20 Chen Hong said, the load weight of 20 than Russia’s production of "El -76" bigger, about 60 tons, the engine and the aerodynamic layout is very good, technical performance indicators also is better than "IL -76". It’s blank time and flight distance, can be used for refitting of special platforms, such as the development of early warning system, on the basis of electronic jamming and air refueling etc.. China have vast territorial waters, for the detection of early warning and command, the machine is very good flight platform. Chen Hong said that the development of large aircraft is a major R & D project in China, from civilian C919 to military transport -20, let people feel proud. Modern war has a high demand for fast, with a large air transport aircraft, our army can be in the shortest possible time to move personnel and equipment to the mission area, which plays an invaluable role in consolidating national defense, safeguarding the territorial airspace, territorial rights and interests. In addition, in the international disaster relief and rescue missions, large transport is essential. (reporter Huang Zijuan)

专家称运20性能全面超伊尔76 可改装多种特战平台 运20运输机   近日,网上曝光了第5架运-20运输机的最新试飞图。作为中国自主研发的新一代重型军用运输机,运-20的研发进展备受关注。军事专家陈洪在接受人民网记者采访时表示,有了大型运输机,我军可以在最短的时间内,将人员和装备机动到任务区域,这对于巩固国防,捍卫领空、领海权益有不可估量的作用。   网上图片显示此次试飞的运-20编号为789,据悉,该机为第五架运20原型机。今年1月,也曾有两架运-20新机曝光。   运-20代号“鲲鹏”,军迷昵称其“胖妞”,是我国自主研发的新一代重型军用运输机。三年前,运20首飞成功,标志着我国成为继美国、俄罗斯和乌克兰之后,世界上第四个能够研制两百吨级大型军用运输机的国家。这不仅是我国国防工业进步的集中体现,更是我国工业和军事现代化的重要里程碑。   谈到运-20的性能特点,陈洪表示,运20的载重量比俄罗斯生产的“伊尔-76”更大,约60吨左右,发动机以及气动布局都很好,战技术性能指标也胜过“伊尔-76”。它的留空时间和飞行距离较远,可用于改装重要特种作战平台,如可在其基础上发展预警机、电子干扰机和空中加油机等。中国有辽阔的海疆,对于侦测和指挥预警来说,该机也是非常好的飞行平台。   陈洪表示,研制大飞机是我国的重大研发项目,从民用的C919到军用的运-20,让国人倍感自豪。现代战争对快速有很高的要求,有了空中大型运输机,我军可以在最短的时间内将人员和装备机动到任务区域,这对于巩固国防,捍卫领空、领海权益有不可估量的作用。此外,在抢险救灾和国际救援任务中,大型运输机也是必不可缺。(记者 黄子娟)相关的主题文章: