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15 Apr

"Evaluation of the queen," Li Zhixun attracted attention of the new romantic comedy – Sohu entertainment Sohu entertainment, South Korea’s entertainment news, became a new romantic comedy. Li Zhixun in the TV drama "SBS weekend edition" of the queen (Zhao Xiuyuan director Shen Yu Tan screenwriter) "plays Gao Hao (right Yuli ornaments) perfect ex boyfriend Huang Zhixun metrosexual man ‘, perfectly romantic comedy type, likely to be the next generation of" audience certified romantic comedy men of God. ". Li Zhixun in the play, as a serious is not hate charismatic former boyfriend, "her sister female heart". Good and high broke up a year later, as the unit supervisor, for her eyebrows yellow Zhixun confession past is to high and decided to separate the secrets, my eyes are full of tears hurts. And claiming that ‘I was not a good ex boyfriend’, formed and Jiang Taihao (Jin Yingguang ornaments) of the triangle, seize the audience’s eye. And show the profound idea and let people trust the head of the perfect style in the work, in the face of love has been shown to be able to express sincere romantic style, with colorful charm, the daughters fly heart ripples. In particular, the Li Zhixun show wide strength acting with the tacit understanding, and right Yu Lee, Jin Yingguang, show the sweet "chemical reaction" to add to the fun. Li Zhixun to steal the heart of the female beauty and admirable acting strength, perfect digestion of the characters, by the public trust and praise. After Li Zhixun through the "school 2013" debut, followed the "six days", "witch Fei Bao Jian" most works, step by step, the accumulation of their own performing arts activities. And through this work, expanding the scope of the acting, the perfect digestion of the former boyfriend corner, it is very much looking forward to his next new look. In addition, in November the upcoming Premiere of the "blue ocean" in the legend of Li Zhixun as the brother of Xu Junzai (Lee Min Ho ornaments), he will play with another kind of charm.   相关的主题文章: