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19 Nov

[eleven] a house late night dining place — Hand-Pulled Noodle – Sohu and the whale house is a special small shop, usually the main Hand-Pulled Noodle night, transformed into Izakaya, little children, want to eat what call one day in advance booking ingredients, otherwise it can have the luck to see what. Hand-Pulled Noodle is Yokohama style Hand-Pulled Noodle, the soup is very strong, and this is the chef chat, soup boil 12 hours three days out of the boil every day, soy sauce is also very particular about the back from Japan, Taobao did not look really. The chef said if diners feel I eat salty soup is just like. The inside of the pork on delicious, eat pasta or rice soup bowl of rice to meet, and in front of my buddies did mention the night Izakaya ingredients to make an appointment one day in advance, but peer buddy child all morning door was all about. The small shop is also good, can cook and face to face communication, love Japanese small Izakaya burning bird shop love most is this. Saury is good wine will point, talkative chef also personally to show us how to eat authentic Japanese saury. Use chopsticks to cut from the middle, the most important step is to put in place a pass from fish stir, viscera is bitter but very sobering, but special hardship I just do the first four words, or to accept the incompetence of visceral ah is the day of purchase fresh sashimi, are guaranteed Japanese fried chicken is tender and juicy absolutely, for drinks or baked or boiled several seafood are also good yo ~ thank you for watching over相关的主题文章: