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16 Sep

Personal-Tech Electronic cigarettes seem like science fiction but they are based in solid science. Electronic cigarettes are an invention by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik that has enabled many people struggling with nicotine addiction to free themselves. Electronic cigarettes are a three part device that allows smokers to continue to get the enjoyment they crave from smoking without the health hazards associated with tobacco use. That is because electronic cigarettes have no tobacco in them. They are a device which allows smokers to inhale and exhale steam and gives them many of the pleasures they enjoyed from smoking tobacco. It is a boon for people suffering in the throes of nicotine addiction who feel there is no solution for their problem. The concept behind electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes is very simple. The device has a mouthpiece with a tube of e-juice attached. E-juice is a solution of water and several types of flavorings, one of which can be nicotine. The mouthpiece is connected to a heating element and a small rechargeable battery and held in a small tube. It looks and feels like a cigarette. When the smoker sucks on the cigarette the heating element heats up the e-juice and releases steam. The smoker inhales and exhales the steam and gets the relaxing feeling they normally get from tobacco cigarettes. Part of the power of this amazing invention is the control of what is in the steam of the e-juice supplies. E-juice is made up of water, flavorings, a few other chemicals and in some cases nicotine. The beauty of the e-liquid is the smoker decides on the flavor and the nicotine content. E-juice is available in a wide variety of flavors including fruits, chocolate, caramel, cola and menthol. There is also a range of nicotine concentrations. The smoker can decide if they want high, medium, low or no nicotine in their e-juice. This control of the nicotine content in the e-liquid allows the smokers to gradually wean themselves off of nicotine or end their nicotine use immediately. The benefits of using electronic cigarettes are many and diverse. First of all e-cigarettes eliminate many of the health risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electric cigarettes also eliminate the yellowed teeth and fingers and the tobacco smell from clothing and furnishings. It can also help end nicotine addiction. One of the best benefits is e-cigs let’s people more safely enjoy the pleasures of smoking but without most of the nasty toxins found in tobacco smoke. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: