Eight for 3S lady Saint change strength girl, to reverse the growth of Joe Chen figure look (video) cibi

21 Nov

Eight: for 3S lady Saint becomes vitality girl, "the source of inverse growth figure Look Joe Chen:" love to laugh and optimistic for the public number eight (bagongju) God said, this girl is so special, she will have to wait, because I have to give her a special, I understand that netizens have said "he’ll have time to become good enough to deserve you, hope to the people who know you", "as long as it is for the people, a little later what, you deserve the best, the best you that he will come." The incarnation of Joe Chen spirit girl double ponytail with coarse eyebrow makeup fresh tender as 37 year old Joe Chen more beautiful, more than ten times higher than the other United States earlier this year, the figure is also guards against the growth of the young girl, just like a model! Joe Chen has been giving sweet feeling, in each idol drama. Joe Chen good face, tall body caused by left a deep impression on us, this woman has this big sweet girl is worth a good figure. Joe Chen debut in 2001, although the age has been sold Meng, but more and more youthful appearance of Joe Chen’s dress, the whole person is also more and more taste. Joe Chen’s ten year five transformation, from a humble small student sister image to the drama queen, the leader of the East goddess fan to go back now to recover the girl, people can not help but sigh, time is back? The girl’s strength promotion debut in 2001, starred in "Lavender" in the N woman with a face, then still green, put in the crowd of passers-by. "Daughter" is 100% and her brother Hua love, but fate is still shallow, face from the point of view, we can obviously find really is growing thin, Standard Oval ~ "prince changes frog" laid the Jon idol drama queen, do not know why people think this is with her personality. This year to participate in the "we are coming", Joe Chen once again attracted our attention, saying "I’m here to make friends" circle powder ~ goddess of transformation is countless that silently, skin more supple, and even better ~ guards her girlish figure 1 "egg" has 32D, 23, clavicle 33 remarkable fit her, put the egg in the clavicle, the body burst of good Joe Chen, of course, her face had an easy job to do, and said: "akimbo’s two egg!" 2 Swan muscle arm he beauty Joe Chen, the palm of the face is very suitable for the ponytail, dew amount of hair fresh by age, look at the muscles of the arm, the absolute strength of the girl, the identification is completed…… Remember the punch on the boxing ring? It is steady accurate, so the arm should be so fine ~ (the lift quietly squeezed their bye meat) 3.D cup proud chest line was confused baby face too long, forget Jon turned out to be a D cup of impressive stature. Jon was also bold in micro-blog said, eat testicular president chest Oh, although I do not know is not scientific, but Frank Jon’s praise with high EQ ~165 cm Joe Chen beat "I love you" decreed by fate, to 50 kg fat, then braved the risk their health risk to lose weight, she said: "drink black coffee in the morning until noon, do not have the appetite, so ordinary people may hurt the stomach, to eat up相关的主题文章: