Drops of excellent step after the merger of monopoly questioned the cost onto consumers’ diamondprox

19 Nov

Drops of excellent step after the merger of monopoly questioned the cost onto consumers’ source: Economic Herald drops excellent step after the merger of monopoly question Nanxiao: subsidies for passengers to reduce the driver lost income Economic Herald reporter Dai Yue Ji’nan reported since August 1st by yuho merger, the news of the price drops yuho will never stop. Recently, the Shenzhen Consumer Council sent a letter to the State Department of Commerce said, has received a number of complaints of consumers for drops, excellent step rising cost of complaints, and suggested: "should be officially on pieces of travel and China excellent step merger antitrust investigation; antitrust investigation involving the interests of consumers, consumers should listen to the views of the organization." So, Ji’nan region within the merits of whether or not the price has also been? What is the impact on the user and the network about car drivers will be produced? Due to excellent step China drops and the combined company occupy the network about the car market on the vast majority of the market share, whether or not to constitute a monopoly, such a huge market share of drops and excellent step pricing. In the industry view, the price is an inevitable trend, subsidies are marketing tools, subsidies sooner or later will be reduced or even canceled. Experience a sense of difference Economic Herald reporter query and express car travel in drops of valuation standards, no price, express is still time billing 0.45 yuan minutes, mileage 0.99 kilometers. Bit of travel also said that the pace of the excellent aspects of the Ji’nan market has not adjusted prices. Electronic commerce research experts Xu Guangxu think, according to the Ministry of transport car new car platform about net operating costs will inevitably rise, rising costs will be passed on to the passenger car costs, the price war can not continue, now also proved this point, burn open market, with high quality service to hold the market at last." So, whether or not the best step in the service has improved? Drops and excellent step experience is very poor." Home built big garden Li Fei of Economic Herald reporter complained: "now the taxi drops before the car feel convenient and affordable, prices rose 5%, and often have to wait for a long time and the premium." Li Fei said the premium, the current is better in the taxi drops excellent step. During peak hours, bad weather, holidays open drops taxi interface, the user will receive fewer vehicles in the vicinity, it is recommended to increase the price or premium several times to remind. In order to quickly hit the car, I downloaded a mobile phone drops, excellent step, such as the Chinese car rental software." Often use the software taxi Zhang Xiao Economic Herald reporter to reflect, at the peak of the Ji’nan taxi drops than yuho before the merger is more difficult. Li Fei also believes that drops experience a sense of variation, positioning is not accurate, the waiting time will be extended, "changed now ride pricing, before there is a fixed price taxi before, now according to the route to pricing, the same journey, when I went to pay 12 yuan, only to come back 6 yuan." Single cash subsidies to reduce the amount of money, then, most users feel that the cost of the car is due to what? Didi express.相关的主题文章: