Dreamer Jimmy Lin go home the first thing to hold enough! Sohu – clazziquai

19 Nov

Dreamer Jimmy Lin: go home the first thing to hold enough! Sohu mother and child 1 every time they come home to see them excited to climb over to embrace, I think this is the greatest happiness in life. Children grow up very quickly, I remember that because of the work and did not see the first time to climb kiMi, has been regretted to the present, the future I will not miss their little drops, accompanied by their growth. 2 I don’t think the family living room has become a baby’s world, there is one? 3 brothers, piano four hands, good night. 4 don’t worry, Dad than feed you eat. 5 Dad than to work for a few days, you have to obediently oh. 6 Kimi teach brother climb. 7 the first thing to go home, first hold enough to do other things, this is happiness! 8 bedtime to help Kimi quilt is a kind of happiness, good night! 9 soon, baby 9 months, and now want to take a picture of them or change a diaper to roll, a climb climb East West, it’s hard to control! 10 I don’t know why I’m so excited to play the remote control for a long time! Hee hee! In the eyes of others, your dream may seem insignificant, do not be afraid of the hearts of the idea, if it is a dream to do bravely. Dream, sometimes is not to see to believe, but to believe to see. Dreamer Jimmy Lin — Note: all data from Jimmy Lin micro-blog @ dreamer. Family study goal is: let your baby have a selection of high-quality books. Therefore the introduction of a letter for your baby to choose a suitable book. In addition to the children to see picture books, we recommend that parents must read, family wealth of life book building. Mom and dad happy, the children more happy.相关的主题文章: