Don’t love a person’s feeling, probably is a home don’t want to go back-dachiyouxiang

17 Apr

Do not love a person’s feelings, probably there is a home does not want to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the night of your marriage house as the cage like? 3 months ago, she left a message in my background. "I’m going to get married next week, but I don’t expect anything." I asked her, how do you make sure you don’t love him? She didn’t ask me why I think she is not love, just say, he said to me, I will feel sick. 2 months ago, she came back with a message. "After a month, sex without kissing, saw him lying on the sofa, he also began to feel tired, indifferent to me, looking forward to the parents let me down at the end of the stick, now sick did not help others." I said, a man love you again, the face of a complaining face all day, will also change. Yesterday, she came again. Has been looking forward to divorce, and finally do. I hope the world a little girl like me, this life will never get to the "parents love" and "good people"." In a sharing meeting, she dressed in cheongsam, fair complexion, stand up when questioning eyes red, she asked, rail elder sister, I would like to ask you a love in the end is what it feels like to marry?" The problem, like lightning, let me feel the girl this hopeless desolation. Marry a person who does not like, he said, "I support you", you will not be touched, but also want to return to the side". Marry a love of people, he said what you feel "right", even the clumsy blow it all have a unique style in your eyes. This hopeless desolation around the age of thirty, we have seen a lot of different men, so more and more difficult to deceive myself. One day, seven aunt aunt three to come to your house door, glanced at the corpse you are in bed, touch your pregnant mother, said the Laotaibuxiao, how not to give her out? Your mother heart quiver, this sword is rooted in her heart. They are together for a long time, to introduce you to a very good fit in their eyes, good man. Your spirits and makeup, specially coated blush to make myself look happy and happy. Wearing a skirt with mild color one hundred years didn’t touch the high-heeled shoes, height of ten cm for your aura moment 7 meters 8, so you think today’s Day special blue. The man looked up and down at you, quickly gave you the appearance and stature of a score, and courtesy to introduce you to his family and experience. Like a few minutes to finish his life. After the introduction of the end of the phrase is you look at our age is not small, if you think I am not bad we try, if I do not feel we do not delay time". You make some embarrassing cancer but you still have to be caught off guard, calm down on the sofa move a little ass, tell yourself, not hypocritical, it is blind in the legend).相关的主题文章: