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24 Jul

Author: Patty Kreamer Publisher: Publish Connect, 2429 Silver Oak Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 – 412-344-3252 ISBN 13: 0-9720001-1-9 Price: $14.99 Publication Date: April 2004 Page Count: 116 pages Patty Kreamer is a professional speaker, author, consultant and residential and corporate organizer. Patty is the President of Kreamer Connect, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based .pany that helps individual and corporate clients be.e more productive and perform better while at the same time simplifying their work and lives. Patty has created the twenty-six week e-course Making Life Simple… Again!" and authored the book "But I Might Need It Someday". She is the President of the National Association of Professional Organizers – Pittsburgh chapter and President of and The National Speakers Association – Pittsburgh chapter. The Power of Simplicity is a softcover book including a foreword, acknowledgements, introduction and an author biography. It is organized in the following chapters: Chapter 1: Imagine the possibilities of simplicity Chapter 2: Tackling the physical side of simplicity Chapter 3: Confronting the emotional side of simplicity Chapter 4: The Power of pause Chapter 5: Taking inventory Chapter 6: See it, say it, believe itAnd it will .e Chapter 7: Dealing with procrastinationNOW! Chapter 8: Take time to make time Chapter 9: So many choicesnot enough time Chapter 10: Speaking simply When I began reading this book I was struck by a profound statement made by Patty in the introduction. She says "The issue is that as human beings, we tend to allow life to be difficult. Unfortunately, we are not alien creatures that would be satisfied with just the basics of survival: air, water, food, and shelter." Human beings .plicate their lives endlessly and then find themselves trapped in overwhelm, depression and physical .plaints triggered by their inability to make good choices. You no longer have to be trapped. The Power of Simplicity will teach you that everything boils down to a choice. Patty defines choice as: CHOICE Contemplate Having Only If Considered Essential In addition to choice Patty defines clutter as nothing more than unmade decisions. Don’t think that Patty drops these bombs and then walks out the door leaving you dumbstruck. She sticks by you throughout the book giving you concrete examples of making better choices and simplifying life the easy way. She teaches you how to make life more enjoyable not only for yourself but also for your family, your friends and your co-workers. If you are overbooked, under stress, disorganized and at the breaking point then you need to read The Power of Simplicity. Think of Patty as your friend and this book as a step-by-step instruction manual for living a healthier and more simple life. 2007, Davis Virtual Assistance. Reprint rights granted so long as the article and by-line are reprinted intact and all links made live. About the Author: By: Sandler-Kenner Foundation – Asking "why me?" is certainly a normal part of the process of learning you have cancer. By: Anand Kumar – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd., a research based organization believes that the knowledge of hydrology is a deep rooted science of ancient India. By: Kamal Zafar – The productivity or throughput of NGOs is measured in terms like how effectively their response in emergency and disaster situations. The Relief India Trust believes that even good NGOs fail in an emergency if … By: kiss01 – 24diamonds offers a great collection of gold chains for men that assist you to find the perfect gift for your new looks. You can purchase our best and exclusive designer gold chains for men directly from our we … By: Chastity Neubauer – With the .puter programmed and controlled sewing and embroidery works, the Brother SE270D Sewing and Embroidery Machine is the best choice for customers who are looking for a more balanced work environment. T … By: Nancee Tolmer – Up to this point the trail was a solid dirt road with perhaps thirty feet of clearing on either side. People all over the world are giving tribute to a man that had a heart to f.ive, a revolutionist who perso … By: Study Feeds – There are universities and colleges which are meeting the requirement of students and are providing them better education which will play an effective role in establishing their career. By: Shantanu By: Lisa Martin – Looking good, having good make-up and branded touch ups are not the only things important. Be keen in fashion, be interesting, act formal but be sporty. When you are sporting a good custom printing tees shirt y … By: shikhasrivastava – Most of the disabled youth in India suffer from poverty, lack of education, lack of awareness, low self esteem and low self worth. We as a country have always believed that youth are the future of our country. … 相关的主题文章: