Dongguan women help bestie tickets 4600 yuan dashuipiao (video)-ca1810

17 Apr

Dongguan women help bestie "tickets 4600 yuan for naught" friends "that Miss Zhang tickets Changping woman cheated four thousand of the two days is very depressed, because she was caught, more than 4 thousand boondoggle. Miss Zhang and his neighbor Mao relationship is very good, feeling with the sisters, usually through chat software to keep contact with unfamiliar street. These days, Mao is traveling in Malaysia. Yesterday, Miss Zhang suddenly sent a message to return home. Miss Zhang: "she has booked a ticket to come back the day after tomorrow, but domestic airlines pay limits, she said her money into the airline account, asked me if I could take the money to my card, take out money to help her out of the ticket." She was in Malaysia, Mo that she did go abroad. Hair hair came to the news that the bank card transfer quota ran out, there is an urgent need to deal with the country, I hope to help her to buy tickets, and then returned to her before. Because of the good relationship between two people, Miss Zhang immediately according to her request transfer. Miss Zhang: "she has sent a call to the airline, Han Shuangxi, Han’s telephone, account. I was silly at that time did not want anything, that account is Han Shuangxi’s personal, in the Agricultural Bank to give her hit 2400 yuan, before two o’clock in the afternoon hit $2200, a total of 4600 yuan." After the success of the transfer, Miss Zhang returned home, and received the other news, said she would like to help raise money again. At this time, Miss Zhang met Maomao roommate. Maomao roommate: she told me to let me transfer 4600 to Maomao, because when I came back in the car, still and Maomao WeChat voice, I have not heard that Maomao to come back." At this time, Miss Zhang was found in the streets of unfamiliar street account has been stolen, and the manager of the phone is always unable to get through.相关的主题文章: