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17 Apr

Dissatisfied with the talk in class Chongqing juvenile drinking machine poisoning, because of dissatisfaction with the students noisy bother their learning, public drinking fountains 16 year old Zhou will buy the poison in the classroom, but fortunately no casualties. Recently, the Rongchang court made a case of dangerous substances thrown together, sentenced the defendant Zhou sentenced to one year imprisonment. Zhou due to the students in class, such as the behavior of the impact of their study and dissatisfaction, want to put poison in the classroom by the public drinking fountains in the way other people poisoned. The afternoon of April 24, 2016, a week from outside the public to carry a chlorpyrifos pesticide came to the school, the 402 in the class of pesticide classroom desk. April 26th at 7 am, Zhou put pesticide into the classroom of public drinking fountains. In the morning, the students received Tang in the drinking water machine that the water is milky white, with a pungent odor, suspected toxic, then report the monitor and the teacher, students will then move to the teachers’ office of drinking machine. In April 29th, police in Chongqing arrested Yimin technical school. A week after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime. The court held that the defendant Zhou knowingly put on public drinking machine pesticides are in the classroom, did not cause serious consequences, but harm the public security, the constitutive elements of the crime of throwing dangerous substance. In view of the Zhou at the time of the crime under the age of eighteen, is a minor crime, and in a week when the crime belongs to the limited capacity for criminal responsibility, also after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, according to law should reduce the punishment. Then make the decision. The stunning campus poisoning after the search, found that over the past 20 years, China’s many incidents of campus poisoning, but has caused a sensation of thallium poisoning of Zhu Ling case in 1994, 1997 and 2007, there have been two campus poison caused by thallium poisoning case. Tsinghua thallium poisoning of Zhu Ling case at the end of 1994, 2 female students of Tsinghua University Zhu strange disease and a sharp deterioration in hospital, helpless, Zhu a few classmates for help to the whole world by email at China also developed Internet, and received a suspected toxic thallium in answer. According to reports, Zhu Ling in the winter of 1994 and spring of 1995 at least two times the lethal dose of thallium salt intake, after several days of coma. May 1995 after symptomatic treatment was saved, but because of misdiagnosis and other reasons, resulting in systemic paralysis, 100% disabled, brain retardation. After more than and 10 years of the case has not yet emerged, the victim Zhu Zhu life can not take care of themselves, can only be taken care of by the elderly parents. Peking University thallium poisoning in May 1997, Peking University of thallium poisoning. Suspect Wang Xiaolong was detained by the public security department. The case of the victim Jiang Lin, Lu Chenguang, Department of chemistry,, 94 boys, the suspect and his classmates in different bedroom, with the same bedroom with the different classes of the same class with the students of the Peking University, the, and the. Wang Xiaolong had confessed, in the past and his relationship with the good, and then ignore him, so cast poison. To test the amount of poison, he took Lu Chenguang as an experimental report相关的主题文章: