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15 Apr

Grading treatment promotion encounter difficulties and obstruction to cross the "Six Mountains" original title: grading treatment into the deep water reform data figure Guo Zhijun photo source: CFP vision Chinese moment, into the deep water reform entered kenyinggutou crucial period, Beijing is promoting the reform of medical grade, become the national health care reform weathervane. This year’s government work report, around 70% of the city to carry out grading pilot. National Health and health conference held in August stressed the efforts to achieve a breakthrough in the construction of five basic medical and health system, such as grading system, universal health insurance system, drug supply security system. General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council General Office recently forwarded by the State Council "health reform leading group on further promotion of a number of opinions" to deepen the experience of the medical and health system reform at present, stressed that deepening medical reform has entered the deep water and crucial areas, the adjustment of interests is more complex and prominent institutional contradictions. "Economic Reference News" reporter survey found that a series of reform initiatives in the effectiveness of previews, but to really solve medical grade promotion predicament and obstruction, still lie across six mountains in the way of reform, it has a long way to go. Strong base: "leave the army general" cure "fatal" grading clinics, two-way referral, let the patient really stay in the grassroots peace of mind and service ability and level of grassroots medical institutions is the key." The executive president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Chen Yong believed that at present, grassroots medical institutions "technology" weak "service ability and level of doubt" and "outstanding technical personnel loss" and "fatal", grading treatment can not be achieved landing. The statistical data of Beijing City Health Department, Beijing existing community health service staff of more than 3.2 people by the end of 2012, according to the resident population and the preparation of standard estimates, a total community health staff of about 50 thousand people, the gap of nearly 20 thousand people. The reason, the respondents believe that the basic medical staff in the salary, preparation, promotion and other aspects of the lack of an effective incentive mechanism, leading to the introduction of talent, the introduction can not stay. Beijing, a community hospital doctor told the economic reference news "reporter, any work is to rely on talent," but in the hospital colleagues than we more bonuses, the preparation of the grass-roots army, no general, but also how to do?" Patients want to choose the grass roots, first of all to make good doctors’ long ‘at the grassroots level." Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital Dean Yang Fude said. However, the large hospital doctors in fact is very tangled. A person in charge of the health department of Beijing said: "doctor, we must continue to learn. For all the surgery surgeon, next to the community hospital for a year, no practical cases, such as when he came back to catch up with others." Interviewed experts believe that let talents at the grassroots level to stay, do well to tackling the problem, comprehensive measures and suggestions from two aspects: at the macro level, the connotation of basic medical system should first explicitly include basic drugs, service projects, team building, through the "basic health law" Specification for legislation, different levels of health care organization; two is the basic medical system should establish the whole Peng相关的主题文章: