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15 Nov

Deep restructuring of the 1000 day of the birthday, these "gifts" you received it? Sohu news today, is the "deep reorganization" was set up on the 1000 day of the day. December 30, 2013, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a meeting, decided to establish a comprehensive reform of the CPC Central Committee Leading Group, headed by Xi Jinping. After the first year of the reform and development of the key year, deep reform group until now held 27 meetings around the core problem of what to change, how to change the Chinese and world governance, provides a clear timetable for the roadmap, Chinese development. 1000 days, the intensity of reform and deployment of large, high frequency, the number of, are unprecedented. How much do you know about these arrangements? 2013, we first met deep restructuring: in December 30, 2013 the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau announced the establishment of the Communist Party of China in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The CPC Central Committee comprehensively deepen reform leading group. Main responsibilities: responsible for the overall design of the reform, co-ordination, overall progress, supervise the implementation. Leadership: Leader: Xi Jinping: Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, deputy head of the Zhang Gaoli digital personality label and focus on six special teams: the reform of economic system and ecological civilization, democracy and legal system reform, the reform of the cultural system and social system reform, the reform of Party building, discipline inspection system 6 special teams. Focus on: people look forward to what, what is concerned about the reform to seize what, what to promote, through reform to bring more people to get a sense of." There will also be concerned about some of the social hot spots: including the household registration system, examination and enrollment system and football reform. "Deep restructuring" 1000 days time, what to do? The 27 meeting: since the establishment of the deep reorganization in December 30, 2013, has held a total of 27 meetings. 162 documents: up to now, a total of 162 documents were considered. At least 80 comments and guidance, at least 57 reform programs and relevant regulations. Have you received these gifts?   three years, have you received any of the gifts you sent to you in the past 1000 days? The education reform of the judicial reform of medical reform and price reform of environmental financial services reform of rural land system reform of poverty alleviation and residence registration management system reform   deep restructuring through a process of 1000 days, how to do in the future? Determination and confidence to firmly reform in the future! Reform is a gradual work, both to dare to break and step by step, moving steadily forward, to ensure the realization of the goals and tasks of reform!"相关的主题文章: