Declaration of the African Development Conference to promote the maintenance of maritime order

15 Apr

African Development Conference declaration provided to maintain maritime order at Chinese – Japanese media Sohu News Reference News Network reported on August 30th Japanese media said, the curtain in Kenya, capital of Nairobi held a two day of the sixth African Development Conference 28 sunset. The meeting adopted the "Nairobi declaration". Declaration explicitly proposed to strengthen marine security, China has been checked". In support of Japanese companies investing in Africa, the declaration stressed the importance of investing in infrastructure, fostering talent and maintaining social stability in Japan’s high-tech. According to Japan’s "Daily News" reported on August 29th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo after the closing of the meeting with the president of Kenya Kenyatta met with reporters, he said: "the marine security respect for the rule of law is the basis for regional peace and prosperity. Not for a particular country." Reported that the marine security, the declaration stressed the importance of maintaining maritime order in accordance with the principles of international law". In view of China’s support for some African countries in the South China Sea issue, the declaration, will strengthen the joint Japan and africa". The declaration calls for the strengthening of the ability to build maritime security practitioners in the presence of maritime crimes such as piracy and illegal fisheries in africa. Japan hopes to counter China’s growing influence in africa. On terrorism, the declaration calls for tighter border control and job cuts. Japan and Africa will also promote information exchange and peace education. In addition, the reform of the UN Security Council, the declaration shows the determination to reform as soon as possible, will strengthen dialogue. Reported that, as Japan and Africa together in the future of the "implementation plan", the meeting established the following principles: through economic diversification and industrialization, to reform the economic structure; the establishment of health care system strong; maintain social stability and promote common prosperity.相关的主题文章: