Daphne deep quagmire loss of HK $164 million half shut shop 466 adobe gamma

16 Nov

Daphne deep quagmire: loss of HK $164 million during the first half of 466 stores closed hot column capital flows thousands of thousand comment stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Daphne HK $164 million loss in the mid half shut shop 466 on each reporter Wang Minjie following last month issued a profit warning, known as "popular shoe king" Daphne (00210, HK) interim report was finally released on the evening of August 23rd: turnover fell 22.3% to HK $3 billion 401 million, the company loss attributable to owners of a total of 164 million Hong Kong dollars, sales reduce 466 to 5464…… This series of data again show that Daphne’s performance still deep quagmire". In March this year, Daphne announced the 2015 full year results, then the company loss attributable to owners of HK $379 million, compared to the same period last year sharply over 300%. According to the "daily economic news" reporter to statistics, this is the first loss of Daphne in the past 10 years, one secondary back to 2001. As of August 24th closing, Daphne’s share price of HK $1.04, when the world slipped 5.45%, while the peak in 2012, its share price was more than $11. Insiders pointed out that, at present, including industry leader, BELLE shoes and apparel industry, overall, affected by rising rents and labor costs, industry saturation and impact of factors such as electricity providers, is experiencing a period of adjustment, at the same time, the brand store closings will continue. Volkswagen shoes Wang continued losses are difficult to attract local brands of more customer groups, the biggest problem encountered is the continued decline in performance. In this Daphne released the latest performance report, which indicated that reducing the group’s turnover is mainly due to the number of annual sales decreased significantly and reduce the same store sales. According to previously published data, the first half of 2016, core brands (Daphne and shoe) business same store sales fell 11.7%. In addition, the review period net closed core brand 450 points of sale, as of the end of 6, Daphne has the core brand sales of 5147, compared with the same period last year, the number of core brand sales year-on-year decrease of 17.3%. In addition, its own as well as the part of the middle and high-end brands have also been a net decrease of 16 stores. In 2015, Daphne has a net decrease of 827 points of sale. For the closed shop, shoes and apparel industry independent commentator Ma Gang told the "daily economic news" reporter, despite the bad environment, a large number of stores closed is the result of internal optimization. In the interim report, Daphne pointed out that the frequent heavy rain and flooding in the first half of the further impact the already weak consumption and the market’s shoes shop passenger, public sector since the second quarter of 2016, the increasingly fierce competition. In addition, the inflationary pressures of operating costs are also a challenge for a large number of retailers. It also said that in recent years the popular sports fashion also affects the traditional women’s consumption. In fact, in 2013 and 2014, the owner of Daphne company相关的主题文章: