Customer guess the system password to their own crazy 13 billion game

15 Apr

Guess the password to your customer service system kuangchong 13 billion game currency as the saying goes "gentleman loves money, in a proper way, each job is similar to Hu’s event actually every day in various industries on the. Life will give you the temptations, but the question is whether we can hold the most basic major issues issues of right and wrong. Hu Shanghai in an online game company customer service at the beginning of 2016, a chance, he guessed the password system charge, start to their game account recharge, and then sell their hit game equipment. August 22nd, Hu was arrested by the police in Shanghai, Putuo, just six months, he has prepaid 13 billion game currency, or about RMB about 2000000 yuan, the profit of more than 20 yuan to sell equipment. Guess the password to your customer service system kuangchong 13 billion game currency in late August 2016, an online game company is located in the north of the real person in charge of the police to the Public Security Bureau of Putuo District Changzheng police station: "the company’s half year loss of 13 billion game currency, about about 2000000 yuan. The game currency, was repeatedly charged into the 7 game account." After receiving the report, the police locked the suspect by means of technical investigation, one of the company’s customer service game hu. August 22nd, Hu came to work as usual, just opened the computer was arrested by the police. Police investigators said: "he began to look very surprised, said he has always been law-abiding, confused." With the inquiry, Hu Mou to understand their own law. Let us take the time to go forward in August 2015, Hu came to the incident of the online games company to apply for a customer service. In the pre job training, he came into contact with the company’s background query system, and familiar with the various functions, one of which is the "open" function. "In simple terms, this feature can be used to hit any game account." Hu said, originally did not think, however, at the beginning of 2016 by chance, Hu once again log in the background system, want to use the "open" function to his account recharge game currency, unexpectedly own account and no operating authority. He conceived the idea of trying to log on to the account, and guess the password at random, the results of a successful login. "We didn’t think, the password is the default setting, is a lot of name Quanpin plus a number, I think according to their supervisor, entered a success." After guessing the password, Hu will start crazy recharge, initially filled with 2 million game currency, slowly added to the 5 million, and then on the tens of thousands of filling. In order not to cause suspicion, he opened a 7 game account, filled every two or three days, six months, has accumulated a total of $13 billion game currency. If the normal player to spend money to buy their own money, such a volume needs to spend millions." Hu said that there was a period of time to go through the work of gold coins, playing the day off the equipment, and then hit the equipment sold through the network: 25 yuan a, sold in bulk, earned a total of $about 200000. When asked whether gambling debt, Humou shook his head, he just wanted to use the money to repair the marriage room. .相关的主题文章: