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18 Nov

Cuisine: dominate Kyushu champion Hand-Pulled Noodle – Sohu, Jing day Kyushu tourism Tokina ranked first in the general election Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle (lumira, media, Japanese cuisine is) the most Chinese familiar with a delicacy, many travel to Japan or to eat Japanese food friends will look at Japan Hand-Pulled Noodle. Japan Hand-Pulled Noodle, in essence soup, Kung Fu in the body surface, the taste of dishes, attracted in appearance. Many people think that Japan is a Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle, eat almost all around japan. However, this is a wrong idea. I was a bit more to eat Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle, Hand-Pulled Noodle Yokocho from Hokkaido to Tokyo, the flavor of Kanto, central Nagoya to taste, Kyoto, Osaka taste of Kansai, I have eaten these places Hand-Pulled Noodle. It can be said that these places in Japan Hand-Pulled Noodle has obvious regional characteristics, Japan is not only a Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle so simple! In scenic spots, Kyushu Dazaifu day full house of the Kyushu trip, I also specially ate two meals of Kyushu Hand-Pulled Noodle. A meal is today introduce Kyushu champion Hand-Pulled Noodle – warm evening, another meal in Japan is very famous Hand-Pulled Noodle chain store — a blue. Kyushu champion Dazaifu station because they earn their living Hand-Pulled Noodle route prior to the Raiders, we in Fukuoka airport the plane take the bus to Bodo station JR. In Bodo station take JR to two city station to get off, walk west rail two city station transfer from Dazaifu to West Rail JR two city station, get off at the Dazaifu station to the West rail. If you don’t care about the trouble and transportation costs, can be directly in the JR station two city station, a taxi to the Dazaifu station, about 15 minutes, this is the most convenient and efficient way. We are looking for the champion in Bodo Hand-Pulled Noodle Kyushu rail station across the street, called a "warm Twilight" Hand-Pulled Noodle. Warm evening Hand-Pulled Noodle shop of course, go to Dazaifu to eat is not entirely in order to Kyushu champion Hand-Pulled Noodle. Located in the Dazaifu station nearby is the famous Dazaifu day full house, this is a "worship God" knowledge of the Japanese Sugawara Michima shrine, Fukuoka county is the most famous scenic spots, how can we Kyushu trip to miss it! After visiting the Dazaifu day full house, return to Dazaifu station along the street shops. It is time to try the Hand-Pulled Noodle Kyushu champion! Warm evening Hand-Pulled Noodle this store has a "nine Hand-Pulled Noodle general election the first" title of the warm evening Hand-Pulled Noodle door is not local, an automatic ticket machine, the majority of Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle stores are automatic ticket machine with this meal. Although the Dazaifu day full palace is located in the downtown center, but the guest Hand-Pulled Noodle Kyushu champion really many! We waited for ten minutes in the shop before the team while waiting to buy tickets, queuing time I carefully looked at the menu. Oh? The menu has Japan and South Korea in three languages, that will save a translation in the mind of the trouble. The menu is divided into Hand-Pulled Noodle, packages, other food and drinks: hot springs, Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle eggs (730 yen), Hand-Pulled Noodle (630 yen), sesame shallot Hand-Pulled Noodle (680 yen), pork Hand-Pulled Noodle (780 yen), fire Hand-Pulled Noodle (680 yen), seafood soup Hand-Pulled Noodle (680 yen). Here is not a single package must be accompanied by a bowl of pull!相关的主题文章: