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17 Nov

Against immigration to the United States "wall" shrunk "fence" – Beijing, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States? 13 guest Cbs Broadcasting Inc "60 minutes" news program said, along the border with Mexico to build isolation "wall" will be part of his previous proposal, has become "the fence". Trump also said in the program, plans to take office as soon as possible after the expulsion or imprisonment of about 3 million illegal immigrants with criminal records. A fence? "Certainly"] Trump said in a campaign speech, said the Mexico immigrants are "drug" and "rapist", promised that if elected president will expel illegal immigrants from Mexico and the construction of the wall in the Mexican border, and Mexico shall be borne by the cost. However, he was in Pennsylvania in October in the Gettysburg address changed, the United States can be invested to build walls, the premise is to ensure the repayment of the cost of Mexico. In 13 days this month, during the interview, Trump still insist on building the Mexican "wall" of the promise, but said the "boundary wall in some areas can be changed to" fence "". "Some areas are more suitable for the use of solid walls, but some areas can use the ‘fence’. I’m very good at this, it’s called architecture, of course, you can use some fences, "said Trump. In this regard, the house majority leader, Republican Senator Kevin Mccarthy? "Fawkes told the Sunday news" television program, the Mexican "wall" is still necessary, and part of "virtual wall", carrying out patrols by uav. "It is necessary to build a ‘wall’, but it can be a ‘virtual wall’, relying on unmanned aerial vehicles (Patrol), I think it is feasible, but also the first thing to do," said Mccarthy. Illegal immigrants? "Expulsion or imprisonment"] in addition to building the Mexican border wall, Trump also said the program, he plans to combat illegal immigrants with criminal records. "The United States has a criminal record of illegal immigrants about 2 million or 3 million people, or their members of criminal gangs, or drug traffickers, what we should do is to put their deportation or imprisonment," Trump said. According to Reuters, Trump stressed during the election of illegal immigrants zero tolerance stance. In the Republican primaries, he has even tough stance that the United States will be about 11 million illegal immigrants out of the United states. However, for the immigration policy after Trump came to power, the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker, Republican Paul, Ruian has expressed a different view. "We’re not going to use a hard drive. Donald? Trump has no plans to do so, "Ruian CNN in the show said," I think we should let the people be assured that (the expulsion of illegal immigrants) not the focus of our attention, our priority among priorities is to protect the border security." How many rounds of demonstrations? There is no reason] after the news of the election of Trump spread in the United States more than the outbreak of protests against the Trump. In this regard, Trump in the 60 minute news program, said the demonstrators, there is no reason to worry about his power". "Don’t be afraid. I will let me相关的主题文章: