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15 Apr

County Party secretary was dismissed after: to borrow private Sohu president – up poverty alleviation pig news "autumn just stopped? The quiet water leisurely. Boundless cloud shadow hurriedly, Goka Gokigo Pavilion floor." After more than 5 years of silence once again by the media attention, Zhu Aimin wrote such a poem. 5 years ago, because the county of Anhui and create a great sensation Biguiyuan law covering the case, has been transferred to the Anhui Linquan county Party secretary Zhu Edmonton was removed from the post, including Zhu Aimin County, three county Party Secretary 11 cadres punished. After more than 5 years, Zhu Aimin has no official status, transition to operation of feed and livestock and poultry vaccines and biological products and other business oriented Ningbo tianbang Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "day state shares") as vice president, Han Shiwei food group main swine nutrition day state shares its (hereinafter referred to as "Han Shiwei group president). In the face of more than 5 years ago Biguiyuan event dismissal, Zhu Aimin said that despite the garden project in their arrival and before signing, but at the time he had left the county, but he had no complaints, "it has to bear responsibility". But for this case, Li Jianqin, director of the Ministry of land and resources law enforcement and Supervision Bureau said that, in any county Party Secretary and governor of the county in the same time, the control of the country garden project in the hands of the." According to the law, Zhu Aimin need to bear legal responsibility. Talking about why jump out of the system, to join the private enterprise, Zhu Aimin explained that officialdom repeatedly made him feel lost once a business platform. In the two county Party secretary made after the career for him is not too attractive, he would like to try another way. Zhu Aimin also stressed that he joined private enterprises, not by the so-called past contacts and resources, but their own learning, communication and management capabilities. "Former government officials a disciplined is unpopular, and many of our farms in addition to where I work, no previous relationship can help." He told the surging news () explained that if there is a role, can only say that the understanding of the thinking of government departments." In the days of Zhang Banghui, chairman of the state shares, some government officials from officialdom to the transformation of the mall is not successful, but in the body of Zhu Aimin, this transformation can be said to be successful. County Garden Mountain Lake City project. Surging news reporter Cheng Zhentu scar surging news reporter saw Zhu Aimin, he is hosting a field team, officials of the sea will inevitably become the topic of conversation. Things originated in mid October day state shares an announcement. Notice that, in October 19, 2016, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the Audit Committee approved the application of the state shares of non-public offering of shares. According to another day state shares issued in August 24, 2016 2016 annual non-public offering plan, the company intends to non-public offering of shares is expected to raise the total amount of not more than 1 billion 480 million yuan (including the number), after deducting the cost of issue will be used for modern pig breeding industrialization project. According to the company’s labor day state shares, Han Shiwei group the main nutrition of pigs.相关的主题文章: