Commission Hui ball technology has been Phi Phi illegal investigation

15 Nov

The Commission has been illegal investigation Beijing August Beijing – in 26, according to the SFC website news disclosure of Hui ball technology letter, for many problems of Hui ball technology, the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun responded to 26 days, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been in accordance with the law and regulations of the stock suspension, and suspend its the information disclosure through the car business qualification. At the same time, the Guangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau in July this year on the Hui ball technology on-site inspection according to law, the company found that there are a number of issues in corporate governance and information disclosure, and has been on the company information disclosure of illegal investigation. Press conference, the media said the question, for the actual control of the existence of the wisdom of the ball technology is not clear, secretaries and many other issues such as lack of qualifications, the Commission has taken what regulatory measures? In this regard, Zhang Xiaojun said that the disclosure of listed companies and related information disclosure obligations to monitor the information, is the Securities Act 115th given the statutory duties of the stock exchange. According to the provisions of the relevant provisions of the information technology and refused to comply with the requirements of the ball and refused to correct the behavior, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been in accordance with the law on the implementation of the company’s stock suspension processing, and suspension of the company’s disclosure of information service qualification. At the same time, the Guangxi securities regulatory bureau since July 2016 according to Hui ball technology to carry out on-site inspections, found that there are a number of irregularities in the corporate governance, information disclosure and other aspects of science and technology, has the ball Hui suspected violations of information disclosure investigation. Commission stressed that information disclosure is the basic legal obligations of listed companies and information disclosure obligations. A listed company shall be authentic, accurate, complete and timely disclosure of information of listed company directors and supervisors should perform their duties faithfully and diligently, controlling shareholders of listed company and actual controllers shall fulfill the obligation of good faith. The Commission reiterated the strict and comprehensive supervision according to law, for any position, ignoring the information disclosure laws and regulations requirements, destroying the order of securities market and damage the legitimate rights and interests of small investors illegal behavior, I will be severely punished according to law.相关的主题文章: