Comedy red burst reasons the use of fusion to replace the geographical label-ca1290

15 Apr

The reason for the explosion of Red: Amateur comedy fusion instead of "tonight" regional label paramount scene comedy variety show, a mirror, half live…… With these new tags, Oriental TV "tonight" Paramount reputation ratings of double harvest. But let "Paramount" tonight realize scraper type bursts of jokes in the micro-blog WeChat, but most of them are from an unknown people help speech interpretation. These come from all over the country comedy force, "tonight" will Bailemen into multi culture fusion, All flowers bloom together. comedy variety upstart. The name of the red explosion comedy elements behind Jin Jing you may be very strange, but I have seen "tonight" in the "Paramount love cafe" fragments of the audience will remember her. In the "airport", she played on the ground to show "a second teacher repeatedly into the drama" stunt, let netizen scream "this year Oscar awarded her please". In an interview, Jin Jing said: "I used to do copywriting, feel boring, resigned in June, want to do an impromptu drama festival. Did not expect in the drama festival was director and partner Liu Shengying "came to Bailemen tonight"." The first time to play, they play is "love Cafe". Taking into account the Jing Jing and Liu Shengying did not experience the TV show, the director group at the beginning of some hesitation. Finally, Venus [micro-blog] that they played anthomaniac feeling, let them help in this vote cast in. In the "tonight" paramount, Kim Jing came into contact with Chinese from all over the country every kind of comedy elements, gave her a lot of inspiration, "in Shanghai, before talking about the comedy is funny play, we want to do something about the Shanghai young people living things, there is the" airport "" driving "these scripts." Close to life, from the perspective of everyday things, this is our creation view of natural advantages, "Qingdao aunt" Zhang Haiyu also go this way. As early as three years ago, a small video of his "Qingdao aunt" is popular in Qingdao, but now he is in "tonight" in Bailemen let the audience remember from "Qingdao aunt", and "air" in the face of cheap cheap to make people on the table of the airline stewardess. In the "Paramount" tonight, Zhang Haiyu and Huang Xiaoming cooperation [micro-blog] interpretation of "Qingdao aunt" opportunity. Now Huang Xiaoming has become the company signed artists Zhang Haiyu thank you very much "tonight", to build such a platform, so that more people can be seen, "many other programs also have cooperation and big coffee show, but it is the small part of the drama, especially in the" lucky tonight "is paramount such a module of their own." By substituting regional fusion tolerance compared with the gold label Jing and Zhang Haiyu two people, "tonight" Paramount supporting cast in Wu Bi and Di Zhijie, the senior level characters. Di Zhijie in the Taiwan area variety and drama has long been famous, Wu Bi is China national theatre actor, starred in "Sishitongtang" and other popular works for having heard it many times. Let Di Zhijie feel the deepest, it is a variety of comic elements out of the shackles of the region, where fusion, collision, China from south to north of the excellent actors and writers together, the creative power of imagination. Whether it’s an actor or a veteran actor, each.相关的主题文章: