Cold! Wuhan gust reached 7 level air temperature decreased by 7 degrees C () lformat

19 Nov

Cold! Wuhan wind reached 7 24 hours temperature dropped 7 degrees [meteorological warning] Wuhan Meteorological Center 5 September 29th 8 issued a yellow rainstorm warning signal: the next 6 hours, Huangmei, Wuxue, Yangxin, locally more than 50 mm of precipitation, accompanied by lightning, please pay attention to prevention. Yesterday, Wuhan blowing northerly winds, gusts reached about 7, 24 hours temperature dropped 7 degrees, lower temperature tomorrow, I will be in the wind and rain, the highest temperature is 20 degrees celsius. Meteorological department said that this is mainly affected by the cold air and typhoon airflow. The typhoon "catfish" so far from Hubei, why can make rain in Wuhan Xing wind? The maximum wind reached 7 wind speed faster than Boulter "this is simply to be human wind blown rhythm." Hair was blown to kill Matt." Yesterday, micro-blog, Wuhan netizen. The early hours of yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a blue gale warning, the next 24 hours, there will be 5 to 6 northerly winds, gusts 7 or so. Indeed, the meteorological department monitoring data show that as of 4 pm yesterday, Wuhan instantaneous maximum wind speed 16.3 meters (about 3:14 in the afternoon, the wind reached 7). Currently the fastest man on the earth – Boulter, creating a 9.58 meter world record, the corresponding average speed of about 10.4 m second, equivalent to the level of wind (wind speed of 8 m -10.6 m second) level. Yesterday, the city scraping 16.3 meters of the second gust of wind, run, as long as the end of 100 meters, about 6 seconds, much faster than Boulter. Strong winds also blow down the temperature in Wuhan. Yesterday morning, the city’s highest temperature above 24 degrees Celsius, but with the strengthening of the north wind, the temperature is also lower, to 3 in the afternoon, Wuhan temperatures fell to 21.4 degrees Celsius, compared to the day before yesterday afternoon, at about 7 degrees celsius. Yesterday morning about 10:45, Wuhan Ferry Company Wuhan port suddenly announced that due to suspended reason of the gale, many passengers were ready to cross the river the news suddenly off the river plan. Until 5 pm, or has not been lifted. The typhoon from the South came to Wuhan and became a north wind typhoon. It should be blown from the south coast. Why does Wuhan blow the north wind? Wuhan Observatory experts explained that the typhoon is actually a strong tropical cyclone, which rotates around its center, while moving forward with the surrounding atmosphere. The direct impact of the typhoon, the wind direction is the direction of the wind direction of rotation; and for its periphery of Hubei, Wuhan, the typhoon in our province, our city south of the location, easy to form the North wind. Simply by the north cold air sent by the north wind, often more dry, more blow dry. Yesterday, although there are cold air arrived Han, but due to the typhoon sent the north wind is relatively humid, Wuhan air humidity is basically more than 60%. Not all typhoons will affect Hubei, Wuhan, which is related to the path after landing. The next highest temperature may be reduced to 20 DEG C, remains to be seen whether this autumn typhoon itself will produce a strong upward motion, will form precipitation; further inland, with typhoon and westerly system, such as the westerly trough, upward motion will strengthen the intensity of precipitation will be upgraded. Affected by the typhoon "catfish" outside相关的主题文章: