Chongqing deployment to win the fight against poverty and climate protection work – environmental pr ca1834

18 Nov

Chongqing: deployment win battle poverty meteorological work — Environmental Protection — Chinese Meteorological News correspondent Wang Lanlan reported recently, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued the "Chongqing win battle poverty weather protection action plan (2016 – 2020)", a clear overall goal, and win the battle of poor weather protection eight the main task and organizational security measures. It is reported that in Chongqing 14 state-level poverty-stricken counties, Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau will actively build a township full coverage of meteorological disaster monitoring network and administrative villages full coverage of the early warning system, to carry out clean energy development and utilization, wisdom agriculture, forest fire prevention, development of tourism resources of meteorological services, improve weather modification operation ability, solid job poverty alleviation work, and strive to basically completed in 2020 in poor rural areas and agricultural meteorological disaster prevention system of meteorological service system, to provide a strong guarantee for poverty alleviation weather. To this end, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau set up a leading group director of the head, and will refine the key tasks of implementation plan, strengthening agriculture, poverty alleviation, and involved in disaster department cooperation, strengthen the exchange of experience, to ensure the successful completion of the task. (Zi Rui, Wang Jing: the early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: