Chongqing coal mine explosion 17 bodies have been synchronized with the work of the investigation st polartec

19 Nov

Chongqing coal mine explosion 17 bodies have been Masui investigation work simultaneously – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chongqing, November 1 (reporter He Zongyu, Zhou Kai, Xu Bo) reporter from the 1 day at 19:20 pm at the Yongchuan District of Chongqing City Jinshan coal mine "10? 31" gas explosion accident case report meeting that accident the scene has found 18 bodies, including 17 bodies have 1 bodies or wells, other transport difficult, are trying to transport. Chongqing vice mayor Mu Huaping at the meeting, as of now, Yongchuan Jinshan coal mine 10, 31 gas explosion has been found in the remains of the body, and the remaining 15 trapped miners are still in search and rescue. He said: the occurrence of such an accident, to the people’s lives and property caused heavy losses, we feel very sad, very profound lesson. According to preliminary understanding, there are serious problems of production safety management, which also reveals that we still have problems in coal mine safety supervision." Mu Huaping said that although this year, Chongqing has shut down about 10000000 tons of coal production capacity, in order to eliminate security risks as soon as possible, but also to speed up the pace of small coal mines shut down, fundamentally improve the safety of production environment. The responsibility for the accident causes, and will be based on in-depth rigorous investigation and verification according to the law, who is responsible, who is responsible for it, not to avoid, no excuse, must be severely dealt with according to law, to the miners and their families an explanation, give an account of the people, give an account of society. The meeting informed the latest progress of the rescue work. First, the orderly development of underground rescue. Currently a total of 108 professional rescue personnel, rescue teams have been divided into 5 batches into the mine, to carry out search and rescue and installation of ventilation equipment. 1 days 10 when, toxic and harmful gas in mine main roadway in Bei Xiang all discharged, launched a comprehensive search and rescue on the north. As part of the tunnel collapsed, part of the water, the rescue team is to remove obstacles by manual way, repair pumping equipment, stable roadway support to prevent secondary accidents. Two is to do a good job. Where the District of Yongchuan to do a good job to appease the families of trapped miners underground. Organized a team of 200 people, the families of the 33 trapped miners to carry out one to one psychological comfort. The three is to carry out the relevant investigation. The public security department according to business owners, corporate director Jiang Zhou and other enterprise management personnel control, interrogation, master production and management, enterprise daily management. According to preliminary investigation, the existing coal mine underground ultra layer cross-border exploitation facilities imperfect, unreasonable ventilation system, safety management confusion and other issues.相关的主题文章: