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10 Apr

French President Chirac in politics to the media: rehabilitation is still influential news – Sohu in new network on 22 September,   according to Central News Agency reports, former French President Chirac and his wife both hospitalized, intends to participate in the presidential election next year right-wing political figures have passed rehabilitation. Media commented that Chirac stepped down for many years, is still popular, the right is still a good card. Chirac due to lung infection, 18, admitted to the hospital in Paris for treatment. Chirac’s son-in-law, said Sarah Ba Huw, we should give the parties and their families respect and peace. He added, "the Chirac family, like everyone else, must fight against life in peace. Our society has changed to a day to remind the two time this kind of thing". Two days after admission, his wife Chirac, Tony Chirac also Dianas? Because of too tired to follow in hospital. French politicians are eager for a fight for next year’s presidential election, in May 4. Chirac is in the hospital after the news, intends to run right figure Juppe, Sarkozy and Fillon, have publicly for his rehabilitation from. Europe’s first radio commented that Chirac is still a good card on the right, he is still popular with the people, the performance is also a lot of people to discuss the topic, people who want to stand there is reason to move closer to him. Chirac and his wife also is 83 years old, but also because of this year’s eldest daughter died in April suffered a heavy blow, especially after Chirac left office in 2007, the number of poor health, because of the different problems of admission.相关的主题文章: