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17 Apr

Chinese tourists sounded civilization assembly number travel the greatest significance is to feel the beauty and meaning of life in another time and space. To feel good, we must first have a heart of awe and respect." National Day in October 1st, Tencent, everyone published articles to explore Chinese style travel, triggering hot friends. In the bottom of the message area, this rational and warm comments, get hundreds of friends point praise. "Fear and respect", which just 5 words, describe China tourists "self esteem" picture. In recent years, the Chinese network, the voice of civilized travel. Some forces are converging to the flowing stream, causing the benign interaction between the Chinese online and offline. The awakening, reflection, practice, China tourists self-esteem and efforts such as the spring grass full of blooming, tenacious and tough. Adorable baby "hand in hand" in the Chinese network platform, the rise of the civilized tourism initiative can be found everywhere. Among them, the parent network of Hualong Network – angel mother network launched civilization micro relay series of actions, quite eye-catching. Children are the hope of the future, parents should pay attention to the correct development of children’s values." Write the petition activities, tourism find and appreciate beauty, enjoy the beauty and create beauty, "tourists not only reflect the individual cultural accomplishment of every word and action, is a city of a country’s image". In this vibrant network of public welfare activities, Meng baby is the absolute protagonist. No littering, graffiti, over the fence, not the window parabolic…… Participate in the activities of small tourists at home and abroad scenic spots, do not show the food and scenery, drying out of the civilized action and initiatives. From Spain, Turkey, Nepal, South Korea and other overseas friends have also been on the performance of small tourists thumbs up. It is understood that since the "civilization micro relay" action, its popular influence has been "civilization baton" transfer to overseas adorable baby hands, from the United States, Germany, Singapore and other countries of the Chinese children have been drying out their "Declaration of civilization". Who lives in San Jose Renyao Hua Yao said, to encourage her daughter to participate in "civilized micro relay" activities can help her childhood establish a sense of responsibility, but also to call for more people to join the public welfare activities. Up to now, in the civilized tourists, the Chinese image of the tree – small Civilized Tourists in action on the topic page, there are about 1200000 users point like support for the initiative. "In simple terms, it is’ little hands’.". Where are these ‘big hands’? Please take that!" In the face of this adorable baby off the trend of civilization commentators Yang Guangzhi said, this is a small civil growth declaration and multiplier civilization literacy training, with valuable childlike innocence and lively vitality "to drive the reconstruction quality of civilization consciousness of new-new generation". Declaration of civilization in the mobile era, although the Chinese team lost the game, but did not lose the personality and etiquette." September 7th at just 5 pm, Zhong Yanfei knocked down the send button, civilized travel with my line, WeChat public push article, soon arrived thousands of fans of the phone. As WeChat, operating small Zhong Yanfei, the day of the launch of planning topics, on the Internet has been a stir for several days of positive energy". The evening of 2018, the World Cup qualifier in the 12 round of the world cup in the first round of the tournament, the Chinese team in September 1st.相关的主题文章: