Chinese team lost to Syria team – Inner Mongolia Channel –

17 Apr

Chinese team lost to Syria team – Inner Mongolia Channel – October 6th, China team player Zhang Yuning (later) and the opponents in the game play. Newspaper reporter Shi Jiamin photo newspaper Beijing on 6 October,   (reporter Chen Chenxi) the evening of 6 China men’s soccer team against Syria in the Shaanxi province stadium, but failed to achieve the desire to win home court, 0: 1 lost to rivals. At present, the Chinese team in the 2018 World Cup in the Asian Games 12 games in the top 3 in the war of 1 flat and negative, ranking 2 in the group of fifth. The game, occupy the home advantage of the Chinese team discharged to attack the main lineup, but the face of the opponent is more active open defense, the Chinese team did not take advantage of the offensive. The second half, the other side of the use of the Chinese team goalkeeper mistakes into the winning goal. Although the team a goal behind, the scene of more than 40 thousand fans still in the rain for Chinese cheer, touching. The Chinese team lineup of continuous adjustment is still not able to get the best chance to score, final defeat. October 11th, the Chinese team will challenge the Uzbekistan team on the road. "People’s Daily" (07 October 2016 02 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章: