China let the Philippines went to Huangyan Island fishing has nothing to do with the United States a-jiuyaogan

15 Apr

We went to Huangyan to the Philippine island fishing to Japan arbitration as if the heavens of the original title: Chinese fishing island in Huangyan to the Philippine independent arbitration between Japan and the United States as if the heavens in Philippines officially confirmed last week, Philippines fishermen have returned to Huangyan island waters, China does not stop. The first message is that over the past few days China law enforcement ship did not appear in the Huangyan Island, and later said China official ship is still in the area, but is no longer on the Philippine fishing boats take action. The improvement of the Sino Philippine relations has been reflected in the South China sea. Both China and the Philippines to make a pragmatic interpretation of this new trend. No official China will allow the Philippine fishermen to return to the Huangyan island sea fishing in the waters with Chinese exercise effective jurisdiction link stressed that Philippines officials made no mention of the South China Sea arbitration, both sides confirmed the key Philippines fishermen in the Huang Yandao sea fishing this fact itself. But the State Department spokesman has unrequited love to propaganda, expressed the hope that this is not a temporary move, "but the Philippines is based on signs of Nanhai arbitration award gradually on the Huangyan island sea fishing access agreement". Some western media also took the Philippine fishermen back to the island of Huangyan sea fishing is not to improve the relationship between the two sides to resolve the steps, but as a struggle in the Philippines to describe a bout. The South China Sea dispute between China and the Philippines has been shelved, Beijing and Manila, this position is very clear. Duthel Te’s position has gone through the test of his visit to the United States, Japan and the Asia Pacific allies. This major change in relations between the two countries opened a new page in the South China sea. In the last one or two weeks, however, the US and Japan have repeatedly referred to arbitration, and have used every opportunity to put the word "arbitration" into the mouth of Philippines officials. This is "the emperor is not hasty eunuch", Manila and Beijing in a practical way to solve the problem, both sides put aside the arbitration, the United States and Japan as "the heavens". When Aquino III started arbitration, the United States and Japan are widely considered to be behind the support of the arbitration force. Now Philippines didn’t mention arbitration, the South China Sea was relatively calm, Japan showed "tension and lost a fundamental solution. They want to be more serious than the South China Sea in the arbitration. The improvement of relations between China and Philippines did not bring them any pleasure, because they wanted something else. Now the situation is quite funny. China has repeatedly pointed out that the so-called South China Sea arbitration is a piece of paper, the South China Sea to start the arbitration of Philippines is also silent for arbitration. With the independent us but one a arbitration, is like a play has ended, actors have to leave, the audience are dispersed, but the band still repeated songs, trying to trick to continue. Philippines fishermen to go fishing in the waters of the island of Huangyan, which is the result of the development of friendly and cooperative relations between China and the Philippines, but also in the Philippines through bilateral negotiations to make arrangements, and the South China Sea arbitration without any contact. It would not have happened without Duthel Te’s landmark visit to China and the resumption of Sino Philippine relations. Benefit from the Philippines fishermen must be very clear, they need to thank the show foreign bold Duthel Te, and kindness from the Chinese side, rather than the so-called "South China Sea Star相关的主题文章: