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15 Apr

Chibi set the "young Kingdoms" push the strongest battle pet: Vulcan zhurong – game original title: Chibi fire "the young Kingdoms" launched the strongest battle pet: Vulcan zhurong "the young Kingdoms" the upcoming golden battle pet — Vulcan zhurong, in eleven? As the current version of the strongest battle pet, Vulcan zhurong? Have multiple skills unique and exclusive form, it will help the young potential extraordinary unified three! Let the flame burn out times of sin, male, junior! The strongest battle pet turned out to dominate the three multiple skills to thaw, the Vulcan? In ancient gods, have control and harness the power of fire, the fire is everything Department of biology of the king, the place visited the void all burn! Let us know about its powerful skill! Vulcan Vulcan’s spells? Preview compared to other pet battle In addition, Vulcan zhurong? Strong attack and the skill, also a "battle cry" skills. Before the start of the Vulcan roar, all our generals get fire power: when the enemy generals killed, there is a certain probability to our current minimum generals life recovery total blood volume percentage of the value of life. The ability to trigger each battle several times, with the rise of the pet pet star, skills will continue to strengthen. Only the blood of the enemy, for the shirt color, battle roar "technology is simply a big kill to reverse the war this" Vulcan, domineering no friends! Exclusive form open red pet upgrade spells debris engulfed the old gods as Vulcan zhurong?, in addition to pieces with its own rising star, also has gold pet exclusive form: swallow. As long as the level reaches a certain value, you can open the "Vulcan swallowed" function, swallowed a certain number of debris to be swallowed red pet upgrade level ", so as to enhance the properties of skills, to break the limit! This means greater potential Vulcan training to enhance combat capability, more space, more diversified ways of training. Young people can experience new ways and means of fun. Kim: develop exclusive pet celebrate Carnival week appeared eleven Vulcan swallowed "youth Carnival eleven Kingdoms" send red battle pet debris log so powerful gold pet, what and when the boys meet? The answer lies in the eleven Carnival week! Will be landing in eleven Vulcan zhurong? Three, and young men spend the better holiday! (  commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: