Chengdu two grassroots team rushed for the expedition in C League B swearing-cosmax

17 Apr

Chengdu two grassroots team will play in the League for the red B C swearing in September 21st, Sichuan, Chengdu Tianfu jinguancheng Yifeng two teams at football in the city of Chengdu (micro-blog) conference room. Chengdu Football Association Secretary General Gu Jianming and jinguancheng attended the club and the team morale, encourage them to win, unity and hard work, team spirit to show in the large area of competition, to achieve better results. In 2016 China Amateur Football League (southwest region tournament) in October 1st – 7 in Guangdong, Zhuhai, Sichuan, Sichuan City Kam team whole operation team and Chengdu Yifeng teams three Sichuan army has mustered in the race horses, and on this basis to the 2017 season Chinese Football League started to impact. In accordance with the league tournament, the first team to carry out a large area of the tournament, the winner to participate in the national finals qualification, won the first four finals of the team will qualify for the 2017 season in the B league. The expedition in C three Sichuan in the league, and are the "grassroots" team. Chengdu Yifeng was founded in 2006, is a real community originated in the football team, after years of development, the youth club has dominated occupation more than 30 coaches, youth campus football coverage, etc.. Sichuan is the second team after 2015, once again on behalf of the Sichuan provincial football association played in the United states. Sichuan jinguancheng club is the establishment of a pure amateur nature of the super club, is a football club membership, is a group of like-minded fans to an ideal and goal together, in the hope that the Chengdu amateur football league has to build a professional occupation training, management team. The national youth team captain Lai Li, the former striker Wang Song joined them, in the beginning of jinguancheng would get in C League in the near future to fight the impact of the B qualification, then, walk out of a way out of the ordinary. Jinguancheng all players are amateurs, although some people have had the occupation or professional football experience, but they all have their own work, to play in the part-time jinguancheng club, some of which are youth football coach, some civil servants, as well as Starbucks manager. Jinguancheng is the biggest characteristic of all the players from mainland Chengdu, this is the team shouted "inherit the spirit of Chengdu, to revive the glory of foot emboldened lies. The establishment of only half of the time, jinguancheng made on behalf of the Chengdu football in C region qualifying, which originates from the club to the amateur team occupation management "of the road. This is a Super League in the first year after the first 11 years of the Chengdu Amateur Football League to the Chengdu City Football League bedding and accumulation, in the overall level of competition is more and more high, the Chengdu Football Association will choose "into the league" upgraded to "Super League", make the highest level of Chengdu Amateur Football League to a class. In a super increasingly fierce competition situation, the newly established jinguancheng club has drawn sword, edge filling, so far they are super has made 15 wins 1 flat 1 negative good result, currently being ranked first into super, as to represent Chengdu amateur football return. C strong guild held in the conference hall was established in jinguancheng football association!相关的主题文章: