Chen Yidan the 99 day, it is a modern echo of Chinese traditional good segotep

18 Nov

Chen Yidan: the 99 day, it is the modern people to the Chinese traditional good time echoes of distinguished guests and colleagues: hello! Nice to meet again in September. Born in the last year of the "99 day" is still visible before the eyes, three days attracted 2 million 50 thousand users love to donate 127 million yuan, hit a new record in the domestic Internet commonweal fundraising. We have witnessed the history of the Internet public interest, but also to create a public holiday belongs to all Internet users. 99 public day is the focus of the release of the love and goodwill of the national network, the power of public welfare, we are deeply grateful to the user’s pay, but also feel heavy entrusted. 99 Charity Day Charity is an ancient cause of mankind. Two thousand years ago, Mencius proposed "the old I old, and old person; young, and young people", and Confucius said "the widows or disease is to raise the" line, human wisdom and light, has inspired us. In the past hundred years, we have been suffering from wars and various social changes. The traditional charity culture and public welfare culture have been damaged by the rupture, which has been revived in recent years. The Internet is public, the good tradition of the ancient tree sprouting buds; the 99 day, it is a modern echo of Chinese traditional good. The password of the plant is photosynthesis, the password of public welfare is transparent. "The premise and the core public" is the word "public", only always be transparent, adhere to open, fair, fair to let the public believe, love life and growth in nature. Based on this, Tencent Charity Foundation in the first day of the establishment of the use of Internet technology to promote public welfare as their mission. The Internet is the core of the connection: the connection between people and information to create a transparent, people’s connection to generate power, over the past few years, we have been working with peers to open up the trust and transparency of the Internet public welfare efforts. That day, a huge creative Internet public ecological and public welfare from the Internet connection, public interest in change, and this change is with a strong acceleration, the acceleration due to the natural attributes of the Internet and public fit, makes public ecosystem has the ability of self evolution, iteration, a huge burst of creativity. In the past few years, we work together to break the public distrust of the black box, the establishment of public service mechanism, transparent back enthusiasm; to change the traditional mode of donation, establish public diversified channels and convenient. China’s public welfare ecosystem, is ushering in the best time, but the core strength of all this is not technology, not capital, but creativity. It is a "creativity" created by all the people, changing the world around us to make it better. (1) from the latitude of the platform and technology – to do public welfare is no longer just money into the donation box. Step by step, donate sound, donate bytes and other diversified, lightweight innovative practice of public interest continues to emerge. As long as you have the creativity, have a dream, you can through a variety of ways to the world to deliver good, and really bring about change. (2) from the general public dimension when we encountered disease and disaster, not only to the agency for help or at a loss what to do, can at any time through social networks and the Internet public service platform, to open a new door.相关的主题文章: