Chen Yao dessert shop live chat good pregnancy first talk about the name of the origin of small

16 Apr

Chen Yao dessert "pregnant" live chat on the first small potatoes named Tencent entertainment news the evening of August 29th, Chen Yao and Sally entertainment jointly launched the "hundred days to remember Chen Yao Hyun abdominal" ushered in the live tour ending. Pregnant mother Chen Yao and host Xie Nan the good bestie appeared dessert, while making delicious cakes, side and friends to share their "star mother pregnant" rule. In the face of creamy delicious dessert, two star mom is big girl heart bursting, have been busy with hand cream and finishing, to watch the live broadcast of the netizen bold released Rhetoric: "you want to what other, I can do it!" Two sweets loving mother is also careful to share with the audience a number of pregnant women to eat sweets". Chen Yao said she was more interested in eating sweets after pregnancy, eat sweets when the baby will have a reaction in the stomach, become more active. Xie Nan is generous to share their original pregnancy "with the law" – banana popsicle. However, pay attention to the health of Chen Yao did not forget to remind everyone: "even if you eat sweets during pregnancy should be controlled, so as to avoid high blood sugar, fat." When it comes to pregnancy wonderful life, Xie Nan to ask Chen Yao: "during the work at home", originally Chen Yao on the cake attention suddenly opened the chatterbox: "dry ah! How not to do! Do a lot of housework!" Xie Nan laughed and joked: "it’s (comb) princess head, (is) Yahuan." Some netizens asked, most want to do during pregnancy, Chen Yao joked: I want to do the most to move my belly to her husband." During pregnancy, Chen Yao has always insisted on exercise, in addition to the abdomen, the shape curve remains perfectly, this let Xie Nan repeatedly said: "this is the legendary" thin skin stuffing "!" In the process of live, users have a message for small potatoes anecdotes of life ", Chen Yao also spoke publicly for the first time the" small potatoes "the origin of the name, said" father is a big potato son called small potatoes ", also said that the name" potato "is down to earth, feed. About two treasure name, netizens also gives a lot of interesting proposals, it is suggested that "French fries" — is the potato upgraded version; some say called "little green peppers, potatoes and brother up with a" potato fried green pepper". See these, pregnant mother Chen Yao is not only one to comment, but also smiled and asked users to help think of a beautiful name". When talking about the mother before and after the change, Xie Nan said: now have a child will not love to go out." Chen Yao also expressed deep sympathy and emotion, said: when the mother will make a woman more like a warrior, a small potato, I often look at him while he was sleeping, want to protect him all the time……" Users interact the dessert live, "Chen Yao hundred days Hyun remember last time live belly", plus two "pregnancy" fitness "and" Lv Guo "reunion live, three Hot pot Shabu" broadcast on the network set off a great Fanxiang transfer, pregnant mother Chen Yao will spend health during pregnancy, the beautiful the sun out of the concept to more people. It is understood that in September, "Chen Yao hundred days Hyun will continue to use the abdominal" street shooting, video form, and many pregnant mothers together "enjoy the process, beautiful dazzle out!" Film and television crazy pregnant women!相关的主题文章: