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15 Apr

Chen Jianbin and Ma Yili after ten years of cooperation "Chinese relation" — entertainment channel — reality theme drama "guanxi" humor China the relationships in real life and arranged in a crisscross pattern in the most incisive display. The play by the famous director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo directed the joint, this is Chen Jianbin Ma Yili, from the "Joe courtyard" after further cooperation after ten years, in addition to Zhao Lixin faction to join, there are a lot of wonderful scenes with Chen Jianbin. Two star "Joe courtyard" after work will be held on September 7th at the Oriental TV broadcasting of the "Chinese relation" tells the story of my career, middle-aged Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) suffered a series of wife derailment, resignation and a series of setbacks, starting from zero through the work, to return to my story. The heroine Jiang Yinan (Ma Yili) is a female "returnees", at first the face of Ma Guoliang, although she prides itself on life, but then also lost the marriage, career and ideal, and pregnant with her ex husband’s child. She and Ma Guoliang is incompatible, struggle and cooperation come to true hearts and emotion understanding, two people of very different backgrounds together through the ups and the life, achievements of the intense drama drama of conflict and the taste of life. It is worth mentioning that this is Ma Yili and Chen Jianbin after ten years ago, "Joe courtyard" after work together again. The drama theme and story, seemingly stern reality, its "style" is a cold humor, comedy style. The director thinks, "China relation" can also be called "China humor" in the show a lot of comedy elements focused on Chen Jianbin as Ma Guoliang, he often say laughing to poker-faced lines, really make people laugh. Chen Jianbin Xipixiaolian played for uncle Chen Jianbin, I am afraid that the audience would immediately think of "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the solemn expression of the emperor, and in the "China relation", the audience will see a rare Chen Jianbin "hippies". He cold humor, light comedy, vividly in a sudden misfortune, entrepreneurial middle-aged uncle, he had to go to the sauna room business, drink a little wine to accompany playing mahjong, but also did not get things done; the road is not smooth, and saw his wife was having an affair, gas (Hu Keshi) mad. A series of embarrassing bad things, make Ma Guoliang’s image true to life. For a long time did not take the urban theme drama Chen Jianbin, the ability to play the "Chinese style", because he found the resonance in the protagonist "Ma Guoliang", which is the most impressed him. He said: "we often think that middle-aged people, all things are fixed, but that is not the case, sometimes life can start from any one point in time, to find the courage to live, this is what I have been thinking about the problem." As Ma Guoliang’s business partner and confidante, as Ma Yili Jiang Yinan ‘s become a "Tucao bear", a "direct injection to deserve no wife, let Ma Guoliang terrified. But Ma Yili said with a smile, in fact, is not only on the Ma Guoliang River Yinan ‘s tongue, on their own is also quite self deprecating spirit is "the anger you even scolded:" we this drama)相关的主题文章: