Chelsea forced a leader million people scoff wreck Bianzhen in!

04 Jun

Chelsea forced a leader / million people scoff wreck Bianzhen in! Ivanovic lore instant sina sports news lore! At the end of the game against Southampton, Chelsea Chelsea, wearing the captain’s armband Ivanovic stood out, he will take three points with a powerful header to help Chelsea, the beginning of the season was dubbed the "wing corridor" of the Serbia defender, is with his performance again proved himself. Both ends of Ivanovic header have played a role in Terry and Zuma were injured, Chelsea appeared after the defense personnel shortages, Hiddink Ivanovic from right back to the mobile guard, although the latter is one of the wings, but the guard is not played him for a long time the position (in the Chelsea years at right back, only in the national team call centre). In fact, Hiddink’s conversion has received good results, Ivanovic in the middle and give full play to the positive defensive ability and excellent header characteristics, speed of the gate back in position to influence a lot of small. Ivanovic dominated the game ball, Ivanovic 11 Pinqiang header, 9 times won the victory, this figure is the most. In addition, Ivan also contributed 2 tackles and 2 steals, 8 clearances more amazing, after Cahill’s 10. The opponents did not succeed in the whole game of Ivan’s record, his defensive side of the play is called robust. In the "Daily Mail" after the score, he also got satisfactory 6.5 points. Ivanovic’s goal at the last moment William corner, Ivanovic beat the other tall defender Van Dyk completed the scoring, tied for 6 consecutive seasons at least scored 2 Premier League defenders goal scoring record, this is the first time he wore the armband Chelsea scored, he also scored thirty-third goals on behalf of Chelsea. In addition, he had 33 assists, that is, Ivan had created 66 goals for Chelsea, and it was a great achievement for a defender. The goal is also reminiscent of Ivan’s victory over Liverpool and Vera in the Carling Cup and the League at the beginning of the year, laying a solid foundation for Chelsea’s double win, as well as reminiscent of his winning goal against Benfica in the Europa League final in 2013. The rescue was also crucial. After the match, Ivanovic said, "it was the hardest game we had this season. (last) I didn’t even see how the ball came into the door. We were playing like a team." At the beginning of the season, due to Cech’s departure, Ivanovic Mourinho was awarded the vice captain of the burden, but with age, the speed of Ivanovic declined in the right back position frequently become a breakthrough in the winger, even by the fans of Chelsea said with a smile in every game, Ivan can let the fans know a new left feng. But Chelsea is still full of confidence for him, sent him a contract extension of one year, Ivanovic’s state is indeed rebounded, in Mourinho after class, Ivanovic has contributed 2 goals and 2 assists. Hiddink had expressed it before

切尔西逼出大招 万人笑骂的废人变阵中领袖! 伊万诺维奇绝杀瞬间   新浪体育讯  绝杀!在切尔西与南安普顿比赛的最后时刻,佩戴切尔西队长袖标的伊万诺维奇站了出来,他用一记有力的头球助切尔西将三分抢走,这位赛季初被戏谑为“边锋走廊”的塞尔维亚后卫,正在用自己的表现再次证明自己。 攻防两端伊万诺维奇头球都发挥了作用   在特里和祖玛相继受伤后,切尔西的后防线出现了人员不足的窘境,希丁克将伊万诺维奇从右后卫移动到了中后卫,虽然后者是中后场的万金油,但中后卫确实是他很久没有担当过的位置(在切尔西长年打右后卫、仅在国家队打中卫)。事实证明,希丁克的这次换位收到了不错的效果,伊万诺维奇在中路充分发挥了正面防守能力强和头球出色的特点,速度上的命门在中后卫位置上影响小了许多。 伊万诺维奇统治高空球   本场比赛,伊万诺维奇11次拼抢头球,9次获得胜利,这个数字也是全场最多的。此外,伊万还贡献2次铲断和2次断球,更有惊人的8次解围,仅次于卡希尔的10次。整场比赛对手都没有成功过掉伊万的记录,他在防守端的发挥称得上稳健。在《每日邮报》的赛后评分中,他也得到了中规中矩的6.5分。 伊万诺维奇进球回放   最后时刻威廉开出角球,伊万诺维奇力压对方高大的后卫范迪克完成进球,追平了连续6个赛季至少打入2球的英超后卫进球纪录,这个进球也是他第一次戴着切尔西队长袖标打入进球,同时也是他代表切尔西打进的第33个进球。此外,他还有33次助攻,也就是说,伊万已经为切尔西制造了66个进球,对于一名后卫来说,这是一个非常了不起的成就。这个进球也让人想起去年初,伊万在联赛杯和联赛中分别绝杀利物浦和维拉,为切尔西夺得双冠王奠定坚实的基础,更让人想起他在2013年欧联杯决赛上面对本菲卡的绝杀进球。 解围也很关键   赛后伊万诺维奇说道:“这是本赛季我们最艰难的比赛,(最后)我甚至没看清球怎么进门的,我们现在就像团队一样踢球。”    赛季初,由于切赫的离队,伊万诺维奇被穆里尼奥授予了副队长的担子,然而随着年龄的增长,伊万诺维奇的速度出现下滑,在右后卫的位置上频频成为对方边锋的突破口,甚至被球迷笑言切尔西每踢一场比赛,伊万就能让球迷认识一位新的左边锋。但切尔西依然对他充满信心,为他送上了一份续约一年的合同,伊万诺维奇的状态也确确实实在回升,在穆里尼奥下课后,伊万诺维奇已经贡献2个进球和2次助攻。希丁克在之前就表达过对伊万诺维奇状态恢复的信心,塞尔维亚人也用自己的表现回报着这种信任。   虽然仍然有一定的变数,但切尔西很有可能会在下赛季失去自己的队长特里,而目前担任副队长的伊万诺维奇将有可能成为切尔西的新队长,在33岁的年龄成为统领更衣室的领袖。   (斗神)相关的主题文章: