Changsha, a man drunk sleep soundly caused by low blood sugar coma (video) aquaria

20 Nov

Changsha a man drunk "sleep" coma caused by hypoglycemia: original title Changsha a drunken man "sleep" was induced by hypoglycemia coma Mid Autumn Festival family reunion, drink add to the fun, the 47 year old Mr. Wang did not expect, drunk woke up and found himself lying in the hospital. Today, after symptomatic treatment to restore the consciousness of Mr. Wang told reporters that he was not drunk, but suddenly appeared in a coma, the doctor diagnosed as drunk hypoglycemia. According to Mr. Wang’s family memories, his usual good drinker, Mid Autumn Festival dinner drink a few cups, no vomiting and uncomfortable, just go home and sleep, the family thought he slept soundly. I did not expect second days early in the morning, the family found Mr. Wang can not wake up, but also accompanied by incontinence, immediately call him to the Central Hospital of Changsha, 120. Doctors consider Mr. Wang did not appear too excited, not drunk, may be drinking a lot of hypoglycemia coma, blood glucose testing confirmed the judgment of the doctor. Yuan Feng, deputy director of the hospital emergency department explained that after a large number of alcohol, alcohol, the main ingredient – ethanol absorbed into the blood, stimulate the pancreas to secrete a large number of insulin, so that blood sugar concentration decreased. At the same time, ethanol inhibited the liver glycogen rapidly into the liver decomposition, prompting hypoglycemia, leading to coma. Yuan Feng reminded the public, must drink the right amount, fasting drink alcohol absorption faster, more prone to hypoglycemia, so before drinking the best to eat some food, and do not drink too fast. Diabetic patients with insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs, it is best not to drink, because alcohol can increase the effect of hypoglycemic drugs, resulting in low blood sugar. (Changsha evening news reporter Peng Fang correspondent Ding Ning) video recommendation: Changsha: 18 year old girls did not eat breakfast caused by low blood on the bus fainted相关的主题文章: