Central Plains, the best to eat pig first shot head pig 125 thousand was taken away (video)-guitarpro5

17 Apr

The "best eating pig" first shot "pig" 125 thousand be taken away after a heated auction, "pig" the high price of 125 thousand yuan to be taken away in November 8th, the Central Plains of the first pig food tasting heritage conference and backyard acorn Songshan black pig for the General Assembly held in Dengfeng, "pig auction" ceremony in the face, "it is best to eat pig, the bid," pig "the high price of 125 thousand yuan to be taken away. Oriental Daily News – · news reporters were square meters; the mammoth Qiu Qi Wu Zhongshu figure one hundred thousand acres of oak forest is "two brothers" of the dining hall in November 8th, Zhao Xiang of thousands of people in Zhengzhou come to Dengfeng City, hundreds of cars parked in the hillside. In addition to the taste of pork feast, but also look at the "head pig auction". At noon, when the taste of delicious and hot pig food, 58 year old Mr. He is feeling, "when neighbors who cook, across the way you can smell it, and now I find childhood taste." How do you keep such a good pork? We refer to 30 years ago, feeding patterns, use of green resources in the mountains, mainly stocked "let the pig to eat coarse grains, drink water, exercise more."." Henan Luhai holy industrial group chairman Chen Weiqiang said the acorn Songshan black pig fully raised in one hundred thousand acres of Wild Oak Forest at the foot of Songshan, oak fruit rich in trace elements is a good feed, they enjoy the fun, thirsty to drink spring water, hungry to eat acorns, and also uses natural herbal medicine. After three or four months will slaughter pig, Songshan black pig and acorn have been a year of forest backyard to slaughter. It also makes Songshan acorn Black Pork delicate taste, rich natural mellow aftertaste. "Seven pig’s trotters into the Songshan acorn black pig special mark Chen Weiqiang said, in order to cultivate the acorn Songshan black pig, black pig breeding technology team China, the father of domestic meat experts Professor Zhang Weili LED has been carried out for more than 5 years of scientific research, and finally cultivated song Shanxiang fruit black pig, can the fat stored in the muscles, thus diverting to the body, the formation of the unique characteristics of Songshan oak fruit black pig. And the general circle pig is different, Songshan acorn black pig with a special mark – foot seven". The medial forefoot per head of acorn Songshan black pigs are straight lined with seven holes, only the traditional pure black pig, after more than a year can get two backyard with seven holes in the pig’s trotters, commonly known as the "seven pig’s trotters". It is understood that the content of unsaturated fatty acid in the muscle of acorn Songshan black pig was 8.87%, especially linolenic acid can protect the liver, can enhance human immunity, but also can improve the body SOD activity, inhibit the formation of MDA. The most important is the acorn black pigs rich in selenium, commonly known as the king of cancer, can enhance human immunity, delaying senility, regulating the absorption of vitamin ACEK. "Pig" sold for 125 thousand yuan at high prices more than 500 black pig is a private order the first climax in the "pig" auction of pig bid will enjoy a number of Rights: 1 to join the board of directors for independent directors; 2 enterprises in the future to get the value of five million shares; 3 years sales in final dividend 4; appointed acorn Songshan black pig chief experience officer; 5.IPO bell;相关的主题文章: