CCTV exposure day express chaos you may be touched, tasted the Sohu news-kairui

16 Apr

CCTV exposure day express chaos: you may be touched, tasted the Sohu news according to the State Post Bureau "express business operation guidelines" article eleventh paragraph second, except for express mail, courier business acceptance shall be field inspection as the inner parts, check whether the country belongs to prohibit or restrict the delivery of the goods. These need to cover the inspection certificate and paste stickers have been printed on the security of the security of the layers of it? Reporter: no security has been posted? Sorting clerk: Yes. Reporter: before security? Sorting clerk: before nervous, meeting notice, every day is the surface work. According to the employee’s view, will be shipped to Xinjiang express, only when the relevant departments to monitor the more stringent security machine, and then paste stickers have security. Reporters in the daily express Nanshan company’s work for three days, did not see the company’s security machine used. No training on the job either in Guangdong, the company is still in full peak courier Nanshan company, the reporter candidates, the company did not conduct any business training arrangements for the appointment of reporters. According to the State Post Bureau, "express business operations guidance specification" fourth, courier companies should establish and improve the business operation system, strengthen training, strengthen the assessment, put an end to non-standard operation. Reporters learned every day in the company, this is not the practice of training on mount guard, is not an example. An employee told reporters that he has been working here for half a month, the same did not have any training. Reporter: have they done training? Sorting clerk: no training. Reporter: have you said that you do not let? Sorting clerk: as long as you do not throw bad, bad you wrap it up. A person who has never experienced in the courier industry, two weeks after the entry has not been any training, how to dispose of the package was thrown bad experience. While sorting, smoking is even more worrying is that in the cardboard box filled with plastic bags and the operating room, the sorting has been smoking. After smoked, cigarette butts thrown out at will on the ground. Express every day hanging on the wall of the operation and management of security system, the first clearly states: the operation of the site is strictly prohibited fireworks, flammable and explosive goods and private goods prohibited into the operating site. Since there is an explicit provision, why does the sorter not obey it?相关的主题文章: