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24 Jul

UnCategorized Catholic religious jewelry is a very popular gift to give for a variety of special occasions. Christenings and baptisms, of course, can be a meaningful time to pierce a baby’s ears. The First Eucharist is a significant rite of passage for a Catholic youth, while Confirmation is important to a teen’s place in the church and a necessary step into adulthood. Every occasion can be a new celebration, and with that another opportunity for the honoree to receive gifts .memorating their progress of life. This is a fun time for families and the entire church .munity, and of course, the person who is being honored with these sacraments. Perhaps the most recognizable icon of Catholic religious jewelry, the crucifix is timeless, and remains the most significant and powerful representation of the Christian faith. Designers and manufacturers make several versions of this image to satisfy the needs and budgets of every church member. Simple, thin, gold-plated sterling silver crosses are a humble, understated accessory that is appropriate for any occasion, while elaborately detailed, hand-sculpted Christ figures hang from realistic looking crosses too. The amount of work and detail involved, of course, will cost more, and those with the blessings to afford them often feel they are worth the price. Other pendants are also popular in a Catholic religious jewelry collection. Solid gold square medals with raised murals or portraits of Jesus are less noticeable as spiritual icons, but still offer the same touch of class. These can be made from 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow gold, but white and pink gold are growing in popularity. Variations and .binations, of course, are also more .mon since they create more diversity and allow people to customize a look and personality too. Jewelry should be personal, so using newer or rare metals, or even gemstones, can serve to capture an individual personality, even in the most minimal of ways. The crucifix and pendants are not the only forms of Catholic religious jewelry. One of the most characteristic types of material objects found in the Catholic faith are Patron Saint medals. These medals are usually made of simple, light, sterling silver and feature an effigy of one of the patron saints, often performing their canonized task. Saint Michael, archangel, for instance, is regarded the patron saint of the warrior because of his casting down of Lucifer from Heaven. Therefore his medal shows him wielding his sword. Catholic religious jewelry can often be found at Christian book stores, or anywhere you might be able to purchase other Catholic materials. Department stores with a jewelry department may feature some designers, since this is a .mon denomination after all. However, for more specialized styles, the internet is your best option. Virtually endless catalogs are available on the internet, and with lower prices than you are likely to find at a local store, it’s hard to .pete with them. Other creative incentives and shipping options round out the benefits, so take advantage of any that you might find during your online shopping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: